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Stephen Perkins Podcast: Jerrod Laber on Why Gen. Z Isn’t ‘Woke’
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Part of me enjoys that people are finally starting to focus on the inadequacies of Generation Z, the youngin’s coming up behind Millennials. After all, Millennials have been attacked for far too long! However, I also think it’s a shame that they’ll now be the ones to endure scrutiny by older folks who, let’s be honest, just don’t get them. But does Gen Z face a valid challenge when it comes to race?

My guest this week is Jerrod Laber (@JerrodALaber), a Young Voices advocate and writer who recently penned a piece for the Washington Examiner about how “White males in Generation Z aren’t that woke after all.” In it, he explains the different possible factors that are leading young white individuals – males, in particular – to believe that they are being discriminated against much like a minority would be.

Also referenced in this episode: Jerrod says Hayek’s “The Constitution of Liberty,” and Adam Smith’s “Theory of Moral Sentiments” most influenced him. He would also recommend reading “The Color of Law,” a more contemporary book by Richard Rothstein.

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