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MilLiberty – Episode 10: Presidential Predictions Roundtable
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MilLiberty – Episode 10: Presidential Predictions Roundtable


On this week’s episode of MilLiberty, Caleb hosts another roundtable with returning panelist Zuri Davis ( and new panelist Michael Esch ( to discuss and predict what might be in store for us moving forward with Trump’s new administration.

Zuri and Michael talk with Caleb about how our foreign policy may or may not differ within the next four years. They cover Jeff Sessions’ appointment as Attorney General and how it’ll negatively affect America’s justice system moving forward.

The roundtable also make their rounds at predicting who Trump might pick in his cabinet for the positions of Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and any other cabinet predictions they might have.

Sit back and enjoy this week’s episode as they may or may not express their love for the Koch Brothers.

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