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OUTSET’s next big leap toward liberty: MilLiberty
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OUTSET’s next big leap toward liberty: MilLiberty

Last week, OUTSET released the rollout of a brand new podcast that is going to be premiering on September 22: “MilLiberty with Caleb Franz.”

As the soon-to-be host of that very program, I cannot express how excited I am about the potential this show possesses. MilLiberty has been a project in the works for nearly a year now, and there is just as much in store to show for it. There are a great things that still have yet to be released, and it may take a while before all of our plans are seen through, but let me give you an idea of what you can expect as we partake on this journey together.

MilLiberty will be a very different kind of show all together. It will be unlike anything we have done at OUTSET thus far, and will be unique even amongst those who listen to some of the more popular brands of conservative and libertarian podcasts and radio shows. In the prior paragraph, I used the term “project” rather appropriately, because MilLiberty will only be a show in name, but it’s true purpose will be to connect with liberty-minded millennials (thus the name) and expand the message of liberty to areas we haven’t seen before.

Throughout the duration of this project, there will be three major goals I am going to set to achieve in each episode: MilLiberty is going to educate, entertain, and, most importantly, empower every listener – providing the tools needed to spread liberty throughout the nation and the world. This is because, as our Editor-in-Chief, Stephen Perkins, said in a recent piece, “liberty is worth sharing.”

To achieve that goal, MilLiberty will be networking with the biggest names and influencers in the liberty movement, so that I can the listeners the best experience possible. I will be bringing on guests who are influential in progressing human freedom around the world. Several of these guests, I have no doubt, you’ve heard of, and it will be very exciting to hear from them as we scheme to take over the world and leave everyone alone. Others will be lesser-known guests, but are no less important to the future of liberty and will, without question, be game changers in the near future.

In addition to these discussions, I will seek your audience as I offer thought-provoking commentary on issues that affect us, our families, and our livelihoods. No stone will be unturned and no cows will be sacred.

In 1722, a very young Benjamin Franklin insisted “Without freedom of thought there can be no such thing as wisdom & no such thing as public liberty without freedom of speech.”

This will be a code to live by on MilLiberty, because only true knowledge and liberty can be achieved through open and public discourse.

Within the first year of the show, MilLiberty will have hosted dozens of guests, achieved several projects, gone to multiple events, and most importantly, we will have built a community of liberty-lovers who cherish the natural rights that our forefathers fought for. I hope to build a relationship with the audience that will encourage everyone to continue the fight, and in return, I hope to be encouraged by the amount of liberty-lovers willing to do just that.

The struggle for liberty, peace, and prosperity is not an easy one, but with your help, it is my hope that we can find limitless boundaries in spreading the message of liberty to the masses.

I ask for you to join me on this journey so we can build the movement like never before, promoting liberty and prosperity to everyone. MilLiberty is the voice of liberty for a new generation; we have the tools to unlock human freedom unlike anytime before, and it is about time we used them.

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