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While Rubio And Cruz Bicker, Trump Waltzes Towards The Nomination
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While Rubio And Cruz Bicker, Trump Waltzes Towards The Nomination

The New York Times ran an opinion piece on February 21st, headlined “Is There Any Stopping Donald Trump?” A similar piece from NBC News was titled, “If Donald Trump Can’t Stop Donald Trump, Who Can?”

The talk post-South Carolina/Nevada has become centered around the question: is a Donald Trump nomination inevitable? The Republican party has become like the cartoon characters of old, waiting under the shadow of the falling piano, anvil, dynamite etc.

Trump is the falling piano, anvil, or dynamite, and (true) conservatives are shouting at the television for the GOP to move out of the way. Currently, the GOP stands firm, awaiting its fate.

While Trump continues his streak of wins, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are caught in the wasteland. A wasteland where their hopes and dreams of becoming President are visible, but not attainable.

The reason why? The two will not stop their incessant quibbling with each other.

From attacks regarding immigration stances and the Rubio camp claiming Cruz ran the “nastiest campaign” in South Carolina history, to the Cruz camp (specifically Rick Tyler) putting forth a fraudulent story questioning Marco Rubio’s faith, there have certainly been a fair share of blows traded between the two.

What purpose have these numerous attacks served?

Quite simply, the attacks have succeeding in creating a rift between the two candidates, as well as between their bases. This only makes it more difficult for one to endorse the other after one of the two inevitably drops out.

The terrifying reality remains unchanged under momentary machinations pursued presently. In other words, due to Rubio and Cruz’s repeated attacks on each other, rather than uniting for the common cause of defeating Trump, the reality of Donald Trump’s nomination, provided we stay on our present course, is inevitable.

Can this change? If one of two things happen, then it most certainly can.

To begin with, Governor Kasich and Dr. Carson should drop out. Kasich is not currently projected to win his home state, and Carson isn’t projected to win any state. Roughly 167,000 votes were cast in South Carolina and were split amongst Kasich, Carson, and Governor Bush. If all those had gone to Senator Rubio (which would probably not have happened, but let’s use our imaginations here), Trump would have been defeated and would not seem quite so unstoppable.

It’s time for the two candidates not a part of the “three man race” to call it quits.

One of the two scenarios in which Trump could be defeated would be Marco Rubio’s withdrawal from the race. As afore mentioned, since repeated battles with Cruz have left Rubio and his base embittered towards the senator from Texas, there would undoubtedly be a chunk of Rubio voters who would not vote for Cruz. However, with Rubio out of the race, a sizable portion of voters would be left with a choice: a conservative senator from Texas, or the ego-maniac, eminent domain loving, proponent of socialized medicine that is Donald J. Trump.

Another option, which has slowly become mainstream, would be Cruz’s withdrawal upon the condition that Rubio nominate him to the vacancy on the Supreme Court. Cruz, who was previously named one of America’s top 50 litigators under the age of 45, has an impressive resume as a jurist. As the first Hispanic to clerk for a chief justice of the Supreme Court, he famously argued, and won in a 5-4 decision, to keep a monument inscribed with the Ten Commandments on the grounds of Texas’ capitol building. In addition to being relatively young — 45 years old — as a Supreme Court justice, Cruz would have the ability to shape the future of this country in ways he has not been able to before. He would also be the second Hispanic individual to serve on the Supreme Court.

Many individuals who dislike Cruz because of his “dirty” tactics during the presidential race, would be completely amiss to dismiss his brilliance as a jurist. A Cruz withdrawal with the promise of a Supreme Court nomination would be the best of both worlds, and would likely put to rest the incessant fighting between the two candidates and their supporters.

At the present rate, Trump seems undeniable. Cruz still holds leads in key states like Texas and California, and Rubio is gaining ground in Vermont and Georgia. Unless Rubio gains significant ground in the coming days, he will not win a single state. Cruz’s camp will have to rely heavily on the March 1 primary, which has been rightfully dubbed the “SEC primary.” However, Trump and Rubio are both threatening that strategy.

Should either Cruz or Rubio drop out and free up their sizable voting base, the lead currently possessed by Trump would surely decline.

In my personal opinion, Cruz’s withdrawal and appointment as a Supreme Court justice would be sensational. I have no doubt that Cruz would make a fine president, but his legal mind being put to use on a Supreme Court in desperate need of more conservative minds would be a fine alternative to being elected president.

Hopefully, the two candidates will realize that preventing a Donald Trump presidency is more important than their constant  bickering. The unfolding of events following the “SEC primary” will certainly be interesting. Grab your popcorn ladies and gentlemen.

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