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The IRS Scandal: Not All Is What It Seems
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The IRS Scandal: Not All Is What It Seems

The Internal Revenue Service was found to be operating with unjust bias between 2010 and 2013. The agency’s practice of denying tax-exempt status to conservative groups and instead auditing them, differ greatly from their actions toward the more progressive groups, which swiftly moved through the exemption process (Vision To America). This has simply been brushed off as a example of bias in the government, but I assure you, it is much more than that.

Missing Emails

Lois Lerner worked for the IRS during the time in question. Mysteriously, 68,000 of key emails to and from this woman have been lost due to a “hard drive failure”.  Those two years worth of emails held information about the interactions with the political groups seeking tax exempt status and the IRS. Lerner’s hard drive could not be recovered, but the IRS has come up with a small portion of the emails in which more scandals have been found out.

Secret Instant Messages

In April 2013, Ms. Lerner was beginning to realize how much trouble she was going to be in if Congress found out what was going on with the IRS. She began to use caution words in her emails, advising her fellow IRS workers to be careful of what they say in emails and instead, use the instant messaging system because it was unable to be traced. Maria Hooke assured Lerner that none of the IMs could be found after the fact because they are not backed up like the emails. One can only assume that Lois and her cronies did their dirty work there.

Biased Comments

The IRS was found to be showing political bias, in their tax-exemption status, but can we believe they trashed the name of the GOP via emails, texts and IMs for a span of three years? We have no choice. It was uncovered at the end of July that Ms. Lerner had exchanged emails in which she called the Republican Party terrorists, “crazies” and, several expletives I refuse to put in my articles. Not only does this add to her personal political bias, which is not necessary in her position, it shows just how partisan the IRS is as a whole.

Muslim Brotherhood Connections

The IRS has shown political bias towards Democrats, but have we thought about its ties to Islam? Malik Obama, our president’s half-brother, controls several non-profits here in the U.S., some of which have been accused of fraud and one that was falsely advertised as a non-profit, when the IRS paperwork had not even been filed. When Malik did file for the group to become tax-exempt, it was rushed through the process (it took 28 days) and Lerner herself signed the documentation. Malik Obama’s background is pretty sketchy (read my article on him here), it is widely known he is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and he happens to have some terrorist ties. Some of his sister-groups in the US fund terrorist allies and cities with strong ties to Islamic youth training to become a part of the rebel army.

Barack Obama’s Thoughts

We all know that Obama only hears scandals from the TV, not any of his advisors, so one can’t be sure how well he knows the IRS situation. Obama did state that he felt there was not a bit of corruption in the IRS scandal, while on FOX News with Bill O’Reilly. But remember, he’s a Democrat. He isn’t going to say that there is corruption when the ball was in his court. That would be a bad political move, bringing shame to his party. That’s all it is about these days, keeping the party’s hands clean.

It’s important to see that the media does not present all of these facts. We do not see the partisan comments being revealed on NBC, we do not hear Al Sharpton preaching on how the Democrats were given an unfair upper hand, and that is how it goes. We at OUTSET and our sister media sources must bring our own news, showing every side, because that is what we should stand for. Mainstream media is slowly turning its head from this great corruption, but if one looks closely, all the cracks are only getting bigger.

I yearn for truth. Do you?

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