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Introducing OUTSET: A New Publication Of Politics, Culture, and Commentary
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Introducing OUTSET: A New Publication Of Politics, Culture, and Commentary

Welcome to OUTSET, a new digital publication of politics, culture, and commentary by conservative millennials.

I know what you’re probably thinking – why does the world need another magazine about politics and culture? The simple answer is that, while there are many awesome publications out there, they fall short in a number of areas.

When other publications cover politics, they are many times too concerned with the political game and the personalities that make up the political system. When covering culture, most publications are, frankly, boring as hell. They publish either dry reviews or dreadfully uninteresting think pieces. Enough already!

At OUTSET, our mission is to make politics more accessible to millennials by providing rich background on the subject, a well-constructed story, and a modern vantage point.

When covering news, we intend to cover the stories that matter the most while taking a special look at the underlying issue. In our analysis of culture, we will publish entertaining, thought-provoking, and unique pieces that will serve as a contemporary narrative of the state of our society. And with our commentary, we hope to publish exciting opinion pieces from both emerging and established conservative and libertarian thought-leaders.

In the next few months, we will be splitting our time between producing quality content as well as growing our team of contributors and editors. In time, we intend to be a well-staffed and innovative website that encourages millennials to be more engaged in their communities and their country.

As we grow, we hope you follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Also make sure to meet our team!

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