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When we started OUTSET in the fall of 2014, we did so because the media, especially conservative media, was failing to adequately represent and advance the conservative ideology. While other publications employ clickbait, sensationalism, and negativity, we have focused on producing levelheaded and engaging writing, podcasts, and videos that bring people in rather than push people out.

With humble beginnings as a blog where young conservative writers could share their opinions, we have grown into a budding media startup with a team of talented and specialized Contributors who write, podcast, shoot videos, and produce other forms of digital content. We strive to maintain a community where ideas can be constructively discussed and debated, openly and honestly.

We’re a small group of twenty-something conservatives who believe in the ideas that make America exceptional. While we don’t always agree on the specifics of a policy, we encourage each other to continue learning and improving, both professionally and personally.

We’re creators – writers, podcasters, videographers, and designers – who understand the importance of communicating our ideology in an inclusive and creative way. We challenge the status quo, tell stories that inspire action, and speak out on the important issues of today and tomorrow.

We believe in the power of free markets and free people. When citizens are free, they experience improved happiness, prosperity, and the opportunity to fulfill their potential. As President Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” We believe our work is important for the sake of future generations.

And we are leaders who believe that America’s future depends on our generation to step up and lead with integrity.


If you believe a small group of people can inspire others and influence change, we want you!

We are a growing network of emerging, right-of-center thinkers and leaders who have a passion for communicating big ideas through writing, podcasts, and videos.


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