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MilLiberty – Episode 70: Can Liberty Be Saved in Europe?
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MilLiberty – Episode 70: Can Liberty Be Saved in Europe?


This week and next week, MilLiberty is discussing the international liberty movement as Students for Liberty’s LibertyCon occurs in Washington DC. Bill Wirtz is a Young Voices Advocate, an activist with Students for Liberty, and a Podcast Contributor here at OUTSET Network. Caleb brings him on to discuss the growth of the liberty movement in Europe, how Europeans respond to these ideas, and many misconceptions American leftists have about European policies. They also discuss CPAC’s decision to invite Marion Le Pen to their conference and how it hurts the conservative cause in America.

Show Notes:

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  • milliberty

    Great podcast! When you interview, is there a way you can have both voices in one ear? I listen when I am driving, so only have one earbud in, makes for a very one sided conversation because voices are divided between left and right headphones. Thanks, keep up the good work!

    • milliberty

      Hey thanks for the feedback! Didn’t realize this was an issue with the final product but I believe it’s an easy fix. That issue should be resolved in future episodes!

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