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A Jenga Tower Filled with Spiders
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A Jenga Tower Filled with Spiders


Remso Martinez (@Remso101) and Lauren Dooley (@LaurenDoooley) join the show to talk Trump Jr., Healthcare, and the Israeli Palestinian Conflict. Connect with Kyle (@KyleGriesinger) and Young Guns (@YoungGunsUSA) on Twitter.

In this week’s news, Donald Trump Jr. had a meeting with a Russian wherein he promised to sell off America’s entire nuclear reserve. Wait, that can’t be right…Well, it was something like that. In other news, there is light at the end of the tunnel for Republicans in their quest to, quote, “literally murder millions of Americans… especially children” by returning a small dose of the free market to healthcare. Finally, Peaceful Palestinian, Muslims peacefully attacked two Israeli police officers guarding the temple mount… peacefully. Breaking Now: Pres. Trump has concluded his handshake with French President, Emanual Surrender… or something like that…

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