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The Top 10 Conservative Dads
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The Top 10 Conservative Dads

We are the product of our parents. Here at OUTSET, we have recognized political parents in the past with such articles as dads who rock dad jeans or our top 10 conservative mothers.

This Father’s Day, we want to highlight some of the most recognizable politically conservative dads.

Mitt Romney

Words can hardly describe a man like Mitt Romney, the businessman turned former governor of Massachusetts and 2012 Republican nominee for President. Has has five children and too many grandchildren to count.

Ben Sasse

Like another father on this list (see: Willett, Don), Senator Sasse is active on Twitter, often tweeting about his children and the things they say and do. He has three children (and a dog).

George H.W. Bush

The patriarch of the Bush clan served as a House representative from Texas, an ambassador to the United Nations, the Republican National Committee chairman, CIA director, Vice President, and President. He has six children.

Ron Paul

While many libertarians claim Ron Paul as their adoptive father, he is the real father to five children. One of which, you may have heard, is a U.S. Senator from Kentucky named Rand.

Marco Rubio

This young dad has to save some of the energy it takes to be a prominent U.S. Senator for his four kids, two young boys and two teenage girls.

William F. Buckley

Buckley was a legendary conservative thinker, writer, and commentator in addition to being a dad. He had one child, Christopher, who wrote a great article about his father for the New York Times.

Paul Ryan

The Speaker of the House often experiences busy days on Capitol Hill, but he’s also quite busy as a father too. He has three children.

Donald J. Trump

Love him or hate him, President Trump has spent most of his adult life as a dad. His children, of which he has five, have turned into extremely successful individuals in their own right. His youngest, Barron, just moved into the White House with his mother this past week.

Don Willett

It is atypical for a state supreme court justice to get much attention, but Texas’ Justice Willett is well-known on Twitter for his witty posts, often in the form of a dad joke. He has three children.

The Founding Fathers

See what I did there? They have millions of children spanning multiple centuries.

Honorable mention: all of the non-famous conservative dads out there

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