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MilLiberty – Episode 35: A Libertarian Reaction to Terror
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MilLiberty – Episode 35: A Libertarian Reaction to Terror


With the recent attacks in London, terror threats all throughout Europe and the United States, and a world increasingly on the edge, Libertarians must increasingly be ready to have an answer to terror. Often time, Libertarians fall the trap of sounding like many of those on the left. Despite their intentions, the perception can often be that libertarians are apologists for terrorists.

We must be bold, yet clear headed and focused in our response. Our resolve must be strong and stare terrorism in the face. The only way we can prevent them from winning is to preserve liberty in the face of terror. That is the bold and courageous response that libertarians not only should have, but must have.

After we respond, we then must begin to have a discussion on how to prevent it. The only realistic solution is a more sober foreign policy. Blowback is real and it’s time we begin to understand it.

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