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MilLiberty – Episode 33: America First! When it’s Convenient
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MilLiberty – Episode 33: America First! When it’s Convenient


During the latter part of the 2016 campaign and during his inauguration speech, President Trump stated that his administration would be defined by “America First!” It has shaped into is being America first only when it’s convenient to him.

On an international stage, Trump promised less intervention and putting more pressure on other countries to police their own problems. What has come to pass is much of the same from before. So long as authoritarians are in power, the warfare state will always continue.

Unfortunately for America, When it’s convenient for Trump to be “America First” is in an area that would be better left untouched by the government: trade.

After Caleb inspects the highlights and lowlights of Trump’s foreign policy decisions thus far, he outlines our solution for the best path forward on the international stage.

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