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Guest Column: The Dangerous Effects of Far-Right Populism on Global Peace and Economics
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Guest Column: The Dangerous Effects of Far-Right Populism on Global Peace and Economics

Ibrahim Anoba

Guest Contributor, Ibrahim Anoba

Editor’s Note: Ibrahim Anoba is the Outreach Director for African Liberty Organization for Development and a recent guest on MilLiberty.

Last week, a New York court charged white supremacist and army veteran, James Jackson, with second-degree murder for fatally stabbing a black man, Timothy Caughman, to death. Jackson later revealed that his frequent usage of neo-Nazi website, The Daily Stormer, informed his hate views confirming the violent rise in far-right activities.

Like other hate-fueled crimes committed in the last few months across Europe and the U.S., an unrestrained progression in far-right attitudes, especially those ignorantly propagated by political leaders, might trigger more racial intolerance, negatively affect economies and serve a victory for religious extremism and communist states.

Most of these violent opinions have reversed racial and religious tolerance, triggering attacks on minority groups, and, if unchecked, might brook more violence with threat on social diversity. It could also re-institutionalize racism, leaving a negative backdrop on the prolific tourist industry in Europe and the U.S. since one in ten enterprises in the non-financial business economy of European states are linked to tourism.

These over 2.2 million enterprises employ 12 million persons. In fact, Germany and France are top beneficiaries, with an average of over €38 billion in revenue between them. Likewise in the U.S., tourism supports over 7 million jobs and produces an economic output of over $1.6 million.

If tourists desert the industry because of hate crimes perpetrated in the spirit of white supremacy, the economic consequence on Europe and America could be devastating considering many states heavily depend on tourism. More so, the economic effects might overlap to the less wealthy states.

This is more threatening in the wake of isolationist economic proposals by far-right politicians in stronger economies. Less rich economies have immensely benefited from multilateral trade agreements, which have created more jobs and birth new industries to meet growing export demands. This has in turn elevated household income and national revenue in the less rich states. Their GDPs has also appreciated more than any other time with scientific and technological progress, equally aiding agriculture and manufacturing. Cheaper medical care has strengthened response to epidemics and other health emergencies with less demand for international support than usual.

If nationalists persist in their pursuit of isolating their economies from the rest of the world, the achievement cultivated through positive relations would decline, possibly prompting medical and economic emergencies that might trigger another fold of mass migration.

Further, religious extremists and communist states stand to gain from a far-right-dominated world.

North Korea and the larger Russian faction gravely desire an end to Western capitalism. Carelessly executing far right economic principles might simply play right into their hands. By ending existing trade agreements and diplomatic commitments for more national realization, the communist states might gain a stronger footing on key diplomatic issues.

Russia and its allies have previously shown defiance to sanctions on issues threatening global peace in North Korea, Syria and Iran. And contrary to President Trump’s resolve of a solitary diplomatic pursuit, Western states can only achieve more through cooperation in fostering global peace. A diplomatically-polarized West is tantamount to the progress of religious extremism as they are poised to divide the world along religious lines by promoting hate thoughts through violence.

If Western states carelessly meet it with rage and discrimination, then extremism can only thrive. America clearly showed such rush during the race for the White House and President Donald Trump has already taken the perilous step of attempting to ban Muslim immigrants, including those fleeing wars and political persecution.

Additionally, political leaders across Europe are initiating deliberations on similar policies, and by any chance the West gives in to these views, we could see a further religious divide in the international system threaten global peace.

The fact that individuals and leaders in countries deep-rooted in freedom can commit to far-right activities at the present level of human interconnectedness is in itself a win for extremism and communism. Rather than ignorantly fortifying them, Western states should immediately arrest all forms of intolerance.

That people still leave to count the devastating legacies of far-right ideologies like Nazism and Fascism is a stark reminder of the dangers ahead. Believers of freedom and tolerance must continue to counteract the far-right. Love, cooperation and compassion have brought us thus far and should only propel us farther.


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