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MilLiberty – Episode 23: Exclusive with Ibrahim Anoba
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MilLiberty – Episode 23: Exclusive with Ibrahim Anoba


As our program grows here on the OUTSET Network, we include incredible voices in our community. That is exactly what happens this week on MilLiberty. We are pleased to welcome our first international guest to the program, Ibrahim Anoba. Ibrahim is the Director of Outreach for the African Liberty Organization for Development and a young voices advocate. He lives in Nigeria and has a perspective that anyone who loves liberty should hear.

Caleb discusses with Ibrahim everything from the rise of the alt-right across the globe and how it’s effecting Africa, to economic policies that are holding Africa back, to how he discovered and became involved in liberty.

Many might be surprised at the constant abuse of authority people in Africa may live under day after day. Ever more might be surprised at how similar the struggles of those in Africa are to those in the United States.

At the end of this interview, it is clear that the struggle between the individual and the state is a universal struggle. So too is the desire to be free a universal characteristic. Liberty is a human right, but it is a right that must be fought for endlessly.

Disclaimer: Because of the long distance between Ohio and Africa, there are a few portions of the interview that do break up. The majority is audible, however.

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