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MilLiberty – Episode 22: Fate of Conservatism Roundtable
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MilLiberty – Episode 22: Fate of Conservatism Roundtable


This week, Caleb brings back the roundtable to discuss the fate of the conservative movement. Cade Marsh (CRNC) and Kris Cruz (the Blaze) provide their insight on where they see conservatism is heading. The Alt-right has been a stain on the conservative image as of late. The question remains whether this is the new face of the movement or just a phase. Yet another unanswered question is how the liberty movement fits into modern conservatism, if at all.

Ronald Reagan said “the heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.” If conservatism is to outlast this populist rebirthing, it must remember this quote from Reagan and embrace it. Only principles set in individual liberty can move us forward.

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