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MilLiberty – Episode 19: Students for Liberty Roundtable
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MilLiberty – Episode 19: Students for Liberty Roundtable


MilLiberty is in Washington, DC for the International Students for Liberty Conference! This month’s roundtable is including returning guest Jeffrey Tucker (FEE) with newcomers Joshua Guckert (The Libertarian Republic) and OUTSET’s own Jacob Richards.

The main point of discussion for the roundtable is the state of liberty across the world. Liberty has made great strides across the world in recent years, and in some cases, human beings have never been more free. This, however, doesn’t stop government from making its own strides in the opposite direction.

Jeffrey, Joshua, and Jacob all lay out their hopes and concerns about the future of the liberty movement and how we can win in the end. With individuals from all over the world gathering in DC for liberty at this conference, there is no better time to start.

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