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Jeffrey Tucker Confronts Richard Spencer at ISFLC
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Jeffrey Tucker Confronts Richard Spencer at ISFLC

WASHINGTON – Jeffrey Tucker got into a confrontation with Richard Spencer at the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington, DC Saturday, telling him he wasn’t welcome at the event.

Tucker, the Foundation for Economic Education’s Content Director, did not mince words with Spencer when he found out he was on location.

“Fascists are not welcome at an anti-fascist conference. Students for Liberty is about human dignity, about liberty,” said Tucker. “We stand for liberty, and you stand for fascism.”


Spencer, a known alt-right white nationalist, is controversial among both right and left wings. Shortly after the confrontation, he was kicked off the property.

Students for Liberty CEO, Wolf von Laer, said the following in a statement Sunday:

“Attempts to disrupt the conference, both from the far left and far right, were not entirely unexpected, but the appearance of Mr. Spencer and alt-right activists at the hotel demonstrated the alt-right’s hostility to the ideas of liberty and freedom.

Although we support freedom of speech and thought, we did not invite Mr. Spencer. We reject his hateful message and we wholeheartedly oppose his obsolete ideology.”


  • calebfranz

    lolbertarians are jealous of Spencer. Jeffrey Tucker and his disgusting ilk stand for mass immigration globalism, not “liberty”. What a bunch of self congratulatory nonsense.

    • calebfranz

      If you think freedom and liberty are laughable, you think your own freedom and liberty are laughable. Jokes on you. Grovel before your ‘alpha’ monkey you emasculated alt-right cuck.

      • calebfranz

        Cucks like you use your freedom to show dildos up your butt, let your daughter become a drug induced whore, and accept your conquerors through mass immigration. There is nothing worse than a cuck like you who calls nihilism and degeneracy “freedom”.

        If you think you actually have freedom in modern America you are too stupid to be able to vote and are a danger to your countrymen. Now bake that cake you degenerate cuck.

        • calebfranz

          Shove* and no, that’s for alt-right Milo-bottoms like you, oh and Gavin McInnes, another of your idols. A lot more drug addicts in the alt-right then there is among libertarians, and you know it. WE just don’t think YOU should go to jail for it, or be murdered by your ex-military-now-cop-drug-warrior-po-lice (make sure to thank them for their service when they kick down your door ) Libertarians nihilistic? look up the definition dummy, you’ll find a symbol of the alt-right there. Degeneracy IS freedom, provided you don’ t force it on anyone, as your government does. Dignity is the antithesis of the alt-right, it is a defining characteristic of libertarians. the only reason any immigrants pose whatever threat they pose is becuase YOUR politicians that YOU voted for give them welfare and make it illegal to excercise the natural right of discrimination and self defence. Libertarians didn’t take that away, YOU did. Yes, freedom is eroding in the west, that’s what libertarians keep telling you stupid sheep, and voting isn’t going to stop it, nor is sticking your ass in the air for your sugar daddy Trump. Oh, and I’m not American, like to make ass-umptions don’t you. believe it or not, there’s a whole world outside of ‘murica, you self absorbed little fuckwit.

          • calebfranz

            Milo is a lolbertarian. I have never met a lolbertarian that wasn’t a former or current drug addict/alcoholic.

            I never voted to give immigrants anything. If I had my way we would cut off immigration completely. Tucker and his dopey lolbertaruan crew are the ones that want total open borders.

            If it wasn’t for cops, people like you would be the lady boy of some gang banger, or saracen’s harem.

    • calebfranz

      The only reason any detrimental immigration happens is because you welfare queens keep giving them the tit, oh, and your wars. congratulate yourself, idiot.

      • calebfranz

        I didn’t give them anything. I am just living in reality, unlike you and Tucker.

  • calebfranz

    So let me get this straight. The Students for Liberty invited Pussy Riot an anti-capitalist group on a huge stage and they’re also allied with violent anti-capitalist movements like C4SS but the second a nationalist attends, not given a platform, but merely ATTENDS he needs to be kicked out?
    I thoughts libertarians praised themselves for confronting and discussing ideas rather than shut down free speech. Either it’s all welcome or none of it is.

    • calebfranz

      Yes, I agree, he should not have been kicked out, I respect the freedom of speech, even of the alt-right.

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