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Selective Empowerment Isn’t Empowerment At All
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Selective Empowerment Isn’t Empowerment At All

“If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.”

Margaret Thatcher’s words have taken on a new meaning for the feminist movement in 2017, in which apparently the “something” that will get done is projecting loads of outrage over a rule that interferes with an agenda.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has caused an uproar after his “silencing” of Senator Elizabeth Warren in the floor debate regarding the now-confirmed Attorney General Jeff Session.

Feminists from around the country are rallying around his claim that, even after being warned of the Senate rule that could end her speech, “nevertheless, she persisted.” Being hailed as a feminist hero, Warren has taken to the Internet to proclaim the absolute ridiculousness that is a rule she happened to have been affected by. This while she remained silent and even participatory in the ghastly misrepresentations of Trump’s new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

The same senator who was shocked that she should be silenced after violating an (albeit obscure, still in tact) Senate rule is somehow comfortable disrespecting another woman because her views differ. The #ShePersisted movement that now claims Warren as a sort of figurehead cannot front legitimacy when its de facto leader has taken such actions of disrespect toward a woman, especially in such a setting as a Senate hearing. Such actions only ridicule the movement that Warren claims to align with.

I cannot, as a woman, find any relativity to a movement that accepts the demoralizing treatment of another woman under any circumstance.

Either #ShePersists will be a movement of strong, capable women who work to advance feminine ideals and abilities in society, or it will remain one that selectively allows women in so long as they align themselves ideologically with a particular viewpoint.

Anything less than empowerment for all women is nothing but a choosing of winners and losers based on popularity and groupthink. As long as Warren and her cohorts accept behavior like that exhibited toward Secretary DeVos, they will remain a selective group that does more to harm women’s empowerment than to advance it.

Warren claims to have been stripped of her right to speak and participate in civil debate on the Senate floor. Only weeks earlier, she was on the opposing end of a situation in which she attempted to silence a strong, independent woman who sat before her nominated to lead a government department.

Either Warren believes that DeVos deserves the same respect while speaking that she expects for herself, or she is simply furthering the lie that women’s empowerment is only for a chosen few.

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