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MilLiberty – Episode 17: The Pendulum Has Swung
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MilLiberty – Episode 17: The Pendulum Has Swung


The prior week-week 1/2 has been a roller-coaster needless to say with the new administration. While undoubtedly some good has come out of Trump’s presidency, most has been questionable at best. The nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch was a delight and a relief to say the least. This pick is a win for the constitution and will far outlast anything bad Trump does. Unfortunately the vast majority of Trump’s first days in office aren’t nearly as positive. He has been ruling by executive decree from the moment he stepped into power. And what makes this worse are the conservative apologists making excuses for something that’s inexcusable under a Democrat.

Trump’s proposed 20% tariff on Mexico is yet another concerning move to say the least. And as before, what makes it more concerning are the conservatives rushing to defend protectionism. While free markets are suppose to be a value the right holds dear, they simultaneously abandon free trade.

And of course the immigration ban is something we have to discuss. While this isn’t a “Muslim ban,” it is troubling for certain. And among other things, it will unquestionably lead to elevated tensions across the world.

In Reference to Show Topics:

US soldiers shoot and kill 8-year-old girl in Yemen

He was banned from Sudan for speaking out against Islamic extremism, and now he’s banned from America too

Responding to Andrew McCarthy on the Legality of Trump’s Immigration Order


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