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Tomi Lahren Demonstrates How NOT to Advocate for Conservative Ideas
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Tomi Lahren Demonstrates How NOT to Advocate for Conservative Ideas

The Blaze’s Tomi Lahren is known for the edgy and pointed “Final Thoughts” segment of her show. Her messages are clear, controversial, and on the extreme side of conservative rhetoric. Unfortunately, instead of providing a compelling argument that could bring others to her side, Lahren is an expert at preaching to the choir.

A recently unearthed quote is no exception:

“Americans stand up and fight for faith, family, and freedom. Syrians run away.

Admittedly, the quote is an old one; Lahren originally posted it in October of 2015, but it recently resurfaced, along with many of her other quotes from her college days.

“For the many who already had preconceived notions that conservatives are heartless, this message is damaging to the broader conservative movement.”

However, unlike the quality content from her glory days, this quote isn’t that different from the rhetoric that Lahren employs daily on her show and through her social media accounts. It’s a message that resonates with some on the far right; those who insulate themselves in so-called “bubbles” with Fox News and Drudge.

But for those who don’t subscribe to such a black and white view – those who understand the value in being decent people – this message does not stick. In fact, for the many who already hold preconceived notions that conservatives are heartless, this message is damaging to the broader conservative movement.

Let’s address the subject at hand: the Syrian refugee crisis. Lahren seems to be claiming that Syrian refugees are trying to run away from their problems. Meanwhile, according to her, Americans would never do such a thing because they value faith, family, and freedom too much. That is quite the charge.

As Peter Chan wrote earlier this month, the situation in Syria has become insane. It has “killed over 300,000 people, displaced millions, and physically and psychologically maimed countless Syrians,” Chan wrote. “As we know all too well, the conflict has helped jumpstart the worst refugee crisis since World War II.”

But yes, let us pretend that Syrian refugees are just weak individuals who can’t possibly compare to Americans…

Or we could act like decent humans.

It is clear that Tomi Lahren is a smart woman who understands what her audience wants. But what she is not, however, is a conservative hero. She may have great ideas, but the rhetoric she employs to promote those ideas is antithetical to the notion that they are even worth listening to.

For conservatives who truly wish to build coalitions and bring people around to our way of thinking, perhaps it is time to reevaluate how we communicate our values and beliefs. Instead of focusing on “triggering snowflakes,” Lahren and other conservatives should place an emphasis on having thoughtful and informed discussions. We may be surprised how much we can achieve.


  • stephenperkins

    I”d like to agree with you. And I think until recently (as in within the last decade) I probably would have agreed. And I’m trying to understand. I have a son who by every definition I’ve seen is a millennial and recently expressed sentiments such as yours.

    So let me ask. Are the Syrian refugees welcomed to our country all women, children, the old, the infirmed or has there been a significant number of strong, healthy men? Hundreds? Thousands?

    I found a 2015 referencing Aleppo & Bashar al-Assad stating that, “Of 102,753 registered arrivals through Italy and Greece, the International Organization of Migration found that 68,085 were men, with only 13,888 women and 20,780 children.”

    Are all the reports & pictures I’ve seen of significant numbers of able bodied men among the refugees from Syria wrong or misleading?

    And if these men say they, “left their families safely behind while they made the dangerous trip” am I wrong to note the word “safely?” If they believe their families will be safe until they send for them, do they even meet the definition of “refugee?”

    Am I wrong to believe we should be helping “refugees” nearer to their home countries (don’t they ever want to go home?), not bringing them to live with us (we have more than a few problems of our own & terrorism is a big one).

    Point is, I may be getting cynical in my old age. Maybe I just got tired after decades of “thoughtful and informed discussions” and losing the battle for control of the Democrat party to radical leftists. I may just be tired after decades of being “civil” while losing on issue after issue to leftists calling me names. The left offends me every day.

    Maybe that’s why I understand:

    “Americans stand up and fight for faith, family, and freedom. Syrians run away.”

    Maybe it’s why I won’t condemn people on the right who have simply had enough of “playing nice” and getting their butts handed to them by leftists. Perhaps why I’m amused when “snowflakes are triggered.”

    I didn’t vote for Trump (I would prefer Cruz) I don’t like Trump’s “style” among other things. But he’s definitely made it seem, one way to beat the left is to “take the gloves off.” And that’s not the ends justifying the means when the means is basically about decorum, imho.

    Maybe as my son & I continue our “discussion” he can explain to me why I’m wrong but somehow I doubt he will say I’m being or even appearing to be “heartless.”

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