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MilLiberty – Episode 14: In a World Full of Trumps, Be a Rand
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MilLiberty – Episode 14: In a World Full of Trumps, Be a Rand


With the new congress now in session, the GOP has complete control of government as soon as Trump is inaugurated. Yet despite having control of all levels, they continue to pass reckless budgets and fold on their promises. This is a problem we must fight more now than ever, as many are surely to give them a pass now that their “team” is in power. Fortunately, Rand Paul is one that is taking no excuses. How Rand has behaved in the first week of the new congress should teach us all something very powerful. Principles must always come before partisanship.

Caleb discusses the importance of overcoming partisan politics this week. He talks about a timely piece by Jack Hunter on who the liberty movement is in the Era of Trump. Individualism must always come first and principles, not parties, must always guide us.

In closing, Caleb previews a bit of what’s to come at the International Students for Liberty Conference in DC on February 17-19.

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