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MilLiberty – Episode 13: Exclusive With Charlie Kirk
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MilLiberty – Episode 13: Exclusive With Charlie Kirk


Charlie Kirk, Founder and Executive Director of Turning Point USA, sat down with Caleb to discuss youth empowerment and free market solutions to today’s issues.

Caleb asks Charlie about the student loan crisis with today’s youth. They talk about why conservatives are allowing Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to lead the discussion, rather than giving market based solutions. Charlie then proceeds to warn of the danger that free speech zones place on culture and liberties on college campus.

The conversation then shifts from policy to reflection. Caleb talks to Charlie about his story, building TPUSA from what it was when he was 18 to where it is now. Charlie delivers a wonderful message of personal individual empowerment – about how you do not need a degree or even college to experience maximum success. It is all about unlimited drive and being “relentlessly optimistic about what your vision can obtain.”

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