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Thank You to These Individuals for Making 2016 More Bearable
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Thank You to These Individuals for Making 2016 More Bearable

Many negatives have come out of the 2016 election, but let’s not neglect the amazing people that it highlighted. Several individuals made lasting and positive impacts on the political landscape in such a crazy election year.

To those people, we say thank you!

Megyn Kelly

Thank you, Megyn Kelly, for being one of the first right-leaning news personalties to not give Donald Trump a free pass on his previous disparaging comments against women. Your boldness to take a stand lead to a 2016 full of hatred and threats on your life, and we are grateful for your resilience to stay above the pettiness and ugliness of this year. We need more journalists like you in this world.

Evan McMullin

Thank you for being a viable option when millions of Americans were left without one. You were a voice of common sense solutions in a field of otherwise lackluster Presidential candidates. Although you didn’t do as well as polls suggested, your future is bright and we hope to see you again soon.

Mike Pence

Thank you, Governor Pence, for being better than other possible options for Vice-President. Your policy-driven conversation was a breath of fresh air when your running mate lacked civility and actual plans for the country (which was 99% of the time). We hope you will continue to be a voice of reason in the Trump White House, and overall we’re pretty sure you will make a boss VP.

Jim Webb

Thank you, Senator Webb, for standing up to the corruption in your party and forming a campaign to challenge Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. That took guts. Your performance in the first Democrat Primary Debate was spot-on, and we hope to see you around more often. Your party needs more people like you.

Carly Fiorina

Thank you, Carly, for never being afraid to stand up to the bullies this year. In a crowded GOP Primary field, you stood out as a real leader and someone that people can trust. You never wavered away from your core principles and did so with class and poise. Those debates needed your voice, and the Republican will need your input if it wants to continue to grow in the coming years.

Ben Sasse

Thank you for giving us a break from the everyday frustrations of the campaign cycle with your hilarious Twitter hot-takes of the day’s madness. There’s not much more to add other than to keep up the great work. We look forward to your honest interpretations of the daily workings of a Trump administration.

Jake Tapper

Thank you, Jake, for your fair and balanced debate and news coverage with CNN. While many of your colleagues at CNN did not follow your lead, we appreciate your common sense reporting. With an insane 4 years ahead of us, we’re thankful to have individuals like you reporting every step of the way.

Mitt Romney

Thank you for being you. You took a strong stand against a closeted Democrat running as a Republican in the GOP Primary, and all conservatives should be grateful for that. Ultimately, we just wish we had the opportunity to vote for you this year instead of the two Democrats. In the end, it’s a relief that you did not get the job as Secretary of State. It would be tragic to see your legacy tarnished in this administration.

Ken Bone

Thank you, Mr. Bone, for… everything. You were there when American needed you most. You drove people to the polls through your advertising campaigns, encouraged people to become active in the political process, and inspired us with that beautiful red sweater. In a debate between such polarizing candidates as Trump and Hillary, it’s safe to say that you came out the winner. Keep up the rad Twitter account!

The 54.8% of Republicans who didn’t vote for Trump

Thank you to the 54.8% of GOP Primary voters who did not vote for Trump. You supported Republican candidates who valued principle over politics and did what you could to bring a stop to the madness. You’re the real MVPs of 2016.

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