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MilLiberty – Episode 11: Avoid “Strong Man Politics”
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MilLiberty – Episode 11: Avoid “Strong Man Politics”


With Trump now the President-elect, many conservatives and even some libertarians have abandoned their distrust of government and a beginning to excuse many of Trump’s otherwise inexcusable words/actions. From his cabinet picks to the deal he recently made with Carrier, conservatives and libertarians both are beginning to abandon their principles and philosophies in exchange for the Trump hype many are now feeling.

Caleb explains why after every election, there is not only a transition of power, but a transition of principles, whereas the conservatives who once abhorred big government now embarrass it, and the democrats who defended Obama’s abuse of constitutional liberties are now defending the liberties themselves.

The right is in a particularly troubling situation. Donald Trump portrays himself as a political strong man, and that’s attractive to conservatives who don’t want to be bullied anymore across the world. But this alluring strength is also incredibly dangerous to liberty and the constitution. If conservatives place this populism and protectionism ahead of their understanding of liberty, the right will inherit the very large government they have sworn they hated for years.

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