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Justin Trudeau: A Disgrace to the Free World
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Justin Trudeau: A Disgrace to the Free World

Castro is dead.

The Communist revolutionary resisted capitalism, the United States, and freedom for over 50 years crippling the Cuban economy with his extreme Marxist policies. Thousands of political leaders were either imprisoned or shot by firing squads. Countless citizens and foreigners were killed under his cruel reign. Hundreds of thousands of Cubans fled – many seeking the economic freedom that America offered to them. His radical reforms destroyed the island of Cuba and the lives of those who call it home.

Although many political leaders viewed Fidel Castro’s death as an opportunity for capitalist reforms in Cuba, one world leader struck a different tone with his statement praising the brutal dictator. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released the following statement:


Official statement from

Official statement from


If Trudeau views Castro as a “remarkable leader” who made “significant improvements” to the Cuban way of life – and even goes as far as to say his family was proud to consider the barbaric communist a friend – then he is a disgrace to the free world. The Trudeau love affair with these Cuban extremists is one of the leading dangers facing the conservative, free-market movement today. Generally considered as a political partner with the United States, it is no understatement to say that Canada does not share these beliefs nor should any individual who seeks to see the next generation better off than the one we inherited.

The cancer of big government ideals received a victory in Canada’s last federal elections resulting in Trudeau’s election over then-Prime Minister Stephen Harper. If the political leaders of Canada, the US, and the free world do not condemn Justin Trudeau’s statement and others similar to it, they should not be entrusted to fight for our shared views of limited government and personal freedom.

Justin Trudeau and anyone who praises the life and work of Fidel Castro should be ashamed. They are not our voice, and they must never receive our support.

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