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To Trump and Clinton: Thank You
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To Trump and Clinton: Thank You

With the election cycle through, and with Donald Trump as president-elect, it is easy to get caught up in the finger pointing, the name calling, and the “what the eff just happened”-ing.

After months of the most negative election cycle in recent history, it is easy to remain negative and keep America divided. I want to cut through all of that and offer my sincere and heartfelt gratitude to both of the candidates.

To Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I say this: thank you.

Thank you for reminding me what the absolute worst in the right and the left can look like. From the moment both of you announced you would run for president, I knew without question I was never voting for either of you. This was a powerful lesson for me, because I’ve often wondered how much I can swallow just to stop the other side, and at what point I would put my foot down and say “enough.”

In the future, worse candidates may rise and assume the position of Republican and Democratic nominees; I now know with certainty that I can withstand them, despite the whole world telling me to do otherwise.

Thank you for forcing me to do some soul searching and truly understand why I fight everyday to make the world a safer place for liberty. This election, because of you two, has taught me that winning for the sake of winning, rather than advancing a righteous cause, is but a ballot cast in vain. Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama campaigned to be something they were not, and America suffered because of it. Yet unfortunately, we think voting for Trump to stop Clinton, or vice versa, will solve our problems.

I now understand that unless candidates unapologetically proclaim their love of liberty as a primary reason for running, the only thing they care to advance is themselves and more government.

“Millions of Americans are waking up in ways they never have before”

Thank you both for reminding me that in any election, character and trust matter. Not only do they matter, but they are imperative. The character of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton leave much to be desired, and we saw this have an effect on the results as voter turnout became lower than it has been in several cycles. Donald Trump only won because Hillary Clinton is so terrible. Likewise, the very reason it wasn’t an utter blowout for the GOP is because Donald Trump was their nominee. This is something that must change in the future. It could not change until America hit a new low.

Because of the election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, millions of Americans are waking up in ways they never have before, showing a newfound distrust in the government and a thirst for liberty.

Thank you for teaching me that unless there is somebody running on a pro-liberty platform who will shrink the size of the executive, the presidency doesn’t matter. I’ve come to learn and accept for some time now that regardless of the election results, the presidency has been lost since it was obvious that Donald Trump was going to be the Republican nominee. That, however, is not entirely a bad thing. I realized that the founding fathers instituted a system of federalism to ensure that if someone like Donald Trump ever took the highest office in the land, there would be several checks on his power.

Thank you for reminding me just how important and sacred our liberty is, and how much I’m willing to defend it. The defense of liberty against a collectivist mindset is easy when everything is going your way. It is when the sunshine patriots flee and you find yourself cold and alone that you really understand how far you are willing to stand your ground. This was the case for several of us this election who, despite who we voted for, voted in good conscious, not out of pressure from either to not “throw their vote away.”

Thank you, especially and specifically to Donald Trump, for reminding us that many conservatives are just wolves in sheep’s clothing. This much has not only been obvious throughout your candidacy for president, but even now, barely a week as president elect, you show your colors plain as day. You promised you would “drain the swamp,” yet as your cabinet is being filled, you fill it with establishment Republicans who represent the antithesis of liberty. I understand the need for some insiders for a smooth transition of power. I take offense to them not because they are insiders, but because they represent everything wrong with politics as a whole.

This election represents the bottom of the barrel in the political process, yet we should not be dismayed. We have a wonderful opportunity moving forward to teach the masses of the benefit of individual liberty, limited government, free markets, and decentralization. We should capitalize on this lesson. Only men and women of character and individuals who understand the value of liberty as a primary platform should receive the honor of our votes. There is no better example than election 2016 to illustrate how bad it can get if we don’t. We have Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to thank for that.

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