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2016 Election Moments That Made Us Want to Die Inside
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2016 Election Moments That Made Us Want to Die Inside

The 2016 election has been interesting, to say the least. The excitement we all felt as candidates slowly announced their candidacy has dwindled down to absolute dread. We are left with two unpopular major party candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Some have chosen the route of a third-party candidate like Gary Johnson or Evan McMullin, while some are casting their votes for the Sweet Meteor of Death.

This cycle has been especially disheartening to many millennials – particularly those for whom this was their first time voting for president. Despite how this election has made you feel, take heart in knowing that it is almost over!

Before you do that, let’s look back on all the pleasant moments that came with the 2016 Presidential Election. This is a list of all the “deplorable” moments that made you want to cry and then probably want to cry some more.

Hillary Clinton launching her campaign…twice.


Trump’s escalator entrance


CPAC line (Do not lie, it was awful.)

Trump giving out Lindsey Graham’s phone number on national television.

…Which led to this great moment:

Trump questioning Ben Carson’s stabbing story.

The moment Trump mocked the disabled reporter 


Almost everything Donald Trump said…

“I could shoot someone on 5th Ave” 

“Grab her by the p—-“

Jim Gilmore’s entire campaign

Whenever Ann Coulter opened her mouth in support of Donald Trump


Trump discussing his “hand” size on national television


Lena Dunham 


The Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly feud

Bernie Sanders’s claim that climate change is directly related to terrorism

“Little Marco,” and “Lyin Ted”

Jeb Bush: “Low Energy!”

Sarah Palin’s Trump endorsement 


Ben Carson missing his cue at the debate 

Carly Fiorina’s week long VP run

Trump wanting to protect Article XII of the Constitution

Hillary’s constant lies about her emails

“Did you wipe the server?”

“Like with a cloth or something?”


Hillary reading “sigh” off the TelePrompTer

Queen Hillary barking like a dog

Why is she the way she is?

Trumps entrance at the RNC

Ted Cruz voting with his conscience 

Hillary Clinton dabbing

Lincoln Chafee (Yes, he was a candidate even if you may not remember him.)

Trump v. The Pope

John Kasich eating pizza with a fork


When the FBI re-opened the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails because of Anthony Weiner.

Hillary sending an email asking for iced tea.

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton becoming the next Commander-In-Chief of the United States of America.

We can survive four years…right?


… and everything else that happened!

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