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MilLiberty – Episode 7: Understand Why We Fight
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MilLiberty – Episode 7: Understand Why We Fight


With less than a week to go before the general election, Caleb Franz begins a discussion we need to be having when the dust settles on November 9th. This episode is all about our “why.” In the intro episode to MilLiberty, and to a lesser extent in episode 1, we outlined the reason we are doing this podcast. “Why” we are building a community. In this episode, we are applying this outlook to the future of our country.

America is so focused on being against one another that we don’t know what we are for anymore. Our focus is so much on fighting that we only care about winning, forgetting the reason why we fight.

Special Note: Jeffrey Tucker, Chief Liberty Officer at & Director of Content at FEE, will be joining MilLiberty for episode 8. This will be the first in a series of monthly exclusive interviews focusing on having conversations with the biggest and brightest names in the liberty movement. Join Jeffrey and Caleb on November 10th.

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