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The Best Vines of the 2016 Election
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The Best Vines of the 2016 Election

Twitter announced that it is shutting down Vine, prompting users around the world to share their favorite clips in memory of the short-lived video sharing platform. The 2016 campaign season provided lots of fodder for creative “viners” to turn into comedy gold.

Existing vines will still remain accessible to viewers, so if you want to watch a dog play the bongo drums on a loop forever, you can (and you should). The app will no longer allow viewers to post and record videos. Where else will we get our fix of funny short videos? Instagram and Snapchat.

Anyway, in loving memory of Vine, here are some of the best vines from this election cycle.

Remember when Hillary announced her candidacy? We were all young once. It feels like forever ago.

There was the time Chris Christie seemed to dissociate before our very eyes:

The internet was convinced that Ted Cruz was really the Zodiac Killer:

The only Hillary millennials actually like:

Sarah Palin dropped a new mixtape…

Vine allowed us to witness the exact moment this guy became a decided voter:

We also got to see Rick Perry lead the nation into battle swing dancing:

And we learned that Ben Carson may or may not have stabbed a guy:

Vine provided the soundtrack to Trump’s insults:

Thank you, people of Vine, for keeping us sane(ish) for the past eighteen months of campaign madness. Rest in peace, Vine. We will miss you.

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