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4 Reasons to Vote Early
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4 Reasons to Vote Early

While Election Day is still weeks away, early voting had already begun in many states. For many, early voting is a way to beat the crowd on election day and vote on your own schedule.

Here are the reasons you should vote early.

1. Skip the long lines

To be fair, there may still be lines at an early voting location. But, with high turnouts expected this year, chances are the line for early voting will be fairly tame.

2. Get that sticker before most everyone else

“Oh this? Just a little something I picked up early because I’m a responsible American who likes to be early,” is what you can condescendingly tell your friends.

3. Free up your schedule on Election Day for other things… like crying

Tuesdays are busy days, so why spend them at a polling place in a long line with miserable people?

4. Finally get this thing over with

Now that you have voted early, you can go to sleep for the next few weeks while everyone continues yelling loud noises.

To find out when your state begins early voting, click here.

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