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MilLiberty – Episode 4: Presidential Debate Roundtable
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MilLiberty – Episode 4: Presidential Debate Roundtable


This week, we have our very first “MilLiberty Roundtable.” Caleb sits down with new MilLiberty regular panelists Zuri Davis ( and Alex Haney (Refined Right) to discuss the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, along with the leaked Trump tape that had a ‘YUGE’ impact on the Trump campaign. Caleb and the panelists discuss whether they believe if either would actually have very different policies if elected.

After a discussion on the debate, they each give their insight on where we will be in four years and if we will be able to turn it all around. Amash 2020 anyone?

Side Note: Ken Bone is always welcome to come on this program.

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