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The 2016 Debate Drinking Game (Part 2)
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The 2016 Debate Drinking Game (Part 2)

Given the events of the past two days, we believe tonight’s debate will not only be a complete mess, but a great chance to continue building up the tolerance you will need for the next 4-8 years.

We once again invite you to grab your favorite beverage (and something a little stronger than your favorite beverage) and play along!

Take a sip every time…

  • Clinton mentions Donald’s comments about women
  • Trump mentions Bill Clinton’s philandering past
  • Clinton says anything about Trump’s character
  • You consider not voting in November
  • Either candidate avoids the question entirely
  • Clinton defends her Wall Street speeches
  • Anderson Cooper attempts to correct or fact-check either candidate
  • Either candidate makes an exaggerated face

Take a shot every time…

  • Trump says he hasn’t heard anyone call for him to step aside
  • Either candidate attempts to make a pop-culture reference
  • The moderator tries to move on but is interrupted
  • Clinton mentions the name of someone her campaign is using as a prop
  • Trump and Clinton agree on something
  • A question from the audience is clearly a plant
  • Clinton doubles down on her “deplorable” comment
  • Trump mentions Juanita Broaddrick

Finish the entire drink if…

  • Trump says he will drop out if Clinton releases her emails
  • One of the questions from social media is a college student “concerned about their future”

Have fun, sip water, and please drink responsibly!

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