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Conservatives are Furious at Ted Cruz, and They Should Be
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Conservatives are Furious at Ted Cruz, and They Should Be

Friday, September 23, the unimaginable occurred for “Never Trump” conservatives. The lone man who not only bled constitutional conservative ideals, but stood unapologetically on principles – believing there is a line that cannot be crossed – threw it all behind him. Ted Cruz not only stated he would now vote for Donald Trump, but also laid out a step by step outline encouraging all conservatives to back him as well. Truly principled conservatives have been left confused and furious. And they should be.

Glenn Beck, who endorsed Cruz earlier this year, took to the air waves Monday morning and grilled Ted on his decision to finally back Trump. We can go back and forth on whether Glenn had it coming in putting his faith in a politician like Cruz, but that isn’t productive. Glenn and many of his listeners, an audience who make up probably the largest portion of the “Never Trump” base, feel betrayed. Their constitutional champion has now abandoned his principles in order to gain political security.

For those of us who didn’t “Trust Ted” as it were took this endorsement as no surprise, but there is a natural reaction to point and gloat at the people who liked him.

Some would like to say “I told you so”. If you are one of them, please stop.

“Ted Cruz is nothing more than a man, and all men are corruptible.”

This isn’t the time to alienate the very people who we should be building coalitions with to restore the constitution and liberty. They have every right to be furious at Ted Cruz now. These are individuals who don’t bow down to the political class, who stand on principles and know there is a line that can’t be crossed; not even an endorsement from Ted Cruz will convince them to support this class of government. These are people we must unite with, because on the off chance that Donald Trump becomes president, conservatism will be split in two. It will be divided between the partisan hacks and the people who genuinely believe in the message. The partisan hacks on the right will be just as dangerous, and sometimes more dangerous than those on the left.

Ted Cruz’s endorsement of Donald Trump has alienated himself from his base, and we as principled individuals who believe in the constitution must put aside the petty differences we may have with some and unite.

They are hurt because they were lied to. They were told to vote their conscience but then told they should vote for a man in complete misalignment with their conscience. Let them vent and rage for the time being – they deserve to. But when the political fallout has settled, the constitutional conservatives, the conservatarians, and the libertarians must be the ones coming together to shape a better future.

The future will not be built by the likes of Ted Cruz. The future will be built by those who supported him and now feel betrayed. It will be built by a strong base of individuals who believe not in a man, but in ideas. It will be built by unity with these individuals coming together to restore the notion that America isn’t a country, but an idea.

Ted Cruz is nothing more than a man, and all men are corruptible. But the idea of America is an idea that transcends partisanship and the corruptibility of men. Donald Trump cannot make America great again because he fails to understand what America is. He thinks it’s nothing more than a nation defined by her borders, just like any other country. This is the idea that we must continue to fight off.

This will only happen if the disoriented Cruz supporters find refuge in working with libertarian leaning individuals.

This is exactly the community we have discussed building with my podcast, MilLiberty. The future of freedom is bright because liberty transcends any candidate or politician. It lives not in Washington, DC, but in our hearts and minds. Ted Cruz will not save us, and neither will Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. We cannot expect any president to be our savior. That, in and of itself, is the problem. To restore personal liberty, we must take control of our own lives and not expect the president to save us. Together as individuals, we can unify to achieve true reform.

We ourselves must be the community of liberty lovers, a small minority of individuals – irate and tireless – “keen of setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

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