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In Response to Meghan McCain: What Has Military Intervention Accomplished?
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In Response to Meghan McCain: What Has Military Intervention Accomplished?

Earlier this month, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and had quite the hiccup. Mike Barnicle, a frequent commentator on the show, asked the former Governor of New Mexico what he thought about Aleppo, Syria. Johnson replied “what is Aleppo?”

An embarrassing moment for Johnson, Mike Barnicle proceeded to explain that Aleppo was the center of the refugee crisis in Syria.

That same day on Fox News’s “The Five,” the panel discussed Gary Johnson’s mishap, and Meghan McCain, daughter of Sen. John McCain, claimed, “Libertarianism only works in political science class”.

This is not the first time McCain has targeted libertarians. Last November in a tweet, McCain lay a challenge:

“Any libertarians and isolationists want to lecture me about America ‘policing the world’ and ignoring the realities of the world we live in?”

Ms. McCain is quite clueless. Like most neocons, she arrogantly uses the term isolationism as a derogative against those who do not agree with her. How irresponsible considering that isolationists have never started or advocated long-lasting wars such as Iraq, like her father promoted. As a matter of fact, many of the great non-interventionist/isolationist like Ludwig Von Mises to Murray Rothbard, and even congressman Ron Paul, have correctly predicted the outcomes of our interventions.

Just like Keynesians meddling in the economy, foreign meddling has caused more harm than good, thus the term “military Keynesians” should appropriately apply to neoconservatives.

Isolationists have not created the “realities of the world we live in.” No, John McCain and the interventionists have created these realities through some of the same “tough guy” military expeditions that have repeatedly created unwarranted disruptions around the world.

My question for Ms. McCain is, what has policing of the world done, or to narrow it down, what in the world has John McCain promoted that has worked or will work? Going to war with Russia? The Libyan “success” story? And how has arming Syrian opposition worked out?

The point is, even faux-libertarian Gary Johnson (even with his latest slip-up) offers a better solution than the other two candidates who will continue the American foreign policy of picking sides instead of staying out.

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