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Could the Election Be Hacked? FBI Director Has Doubts
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Could the Election Be Hacked? FBI Director Has Doubts

As fears about a possible hacking of the November general election grows, FBI Director, James Comey, says that voters have nothing to worry about.

“It is clunky as heck” – James Comey, FBI Director

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Appearing at a panel with other senior U.S. intelligence officials Thursday, FBI Director James Comey was asked about the concerns that hackers acting on behalf of the Russian government might try to manipulate the presidential election.

“The beauty of the American voting system is that it is dispersed among the 50 states, and it is clunky as heck,’’ said Mr. Comey. “A lot of people have found that challenging over the years, but the beauty of that is it’s not exactly a swift part of the internet of things, and so it is hard for an actor to reach our voting process.’’

However, as the Boston Herald reported, Rep. Bennie Thompson, the ranking member of the Committee on Homeland Security, says it is both possible and scary.

“If in fact we are hacked from an election standpoint, the potential impact could be catastrophic in terms of a foreign power really participating in helping elect the next president of the United States,” Thompson warned. “I think for a democracy like we are, this would just be the end to all ends.”

The U.S. voting system is complicated at best. Every state and county has varying laws and methods that affect everything from when people can vote to how they can vote.

“First, there are more than 8,000 separate local jurisdictions where voters cast ballots for president, and each one is largely free to use whatever methods, technology and vendors they deem appropriate, based on varying local or state rules and guidelines,” says a recent Los Angeles Times article. “Secondly, about 75% of all votes this cycle will be cast on paper.”

While the chances of an external manipulation of election results are low, the idea has many voters on both sides worried about the security of their vote.

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