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OP-ED: Why I’m Standing with Evan McMullin
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OP-ED: Why I’m Standing with Evan McMullin

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For many people, this election season has been an absolute terror, and certainly not like any election you’ve learned about in your U.S. History class. The Democratic nominee has a 43% approval rating, and the Republican nominee has just a 34% approval rating. This is arguably the worst political field in American history. Donald Trump is a Democrat running as a Republican, Hillary Clinton receives get-out-of-jail-free cards for felony offenses, and Gary Johnson is barely a Libertarian at all.

I felt lost in this election, and was ready to go in supporting no one.

Then, I saw a news story about a certain bald-headed man running for president as the only conservative choice. I looked him up and went to his website. Formerly in the CIA: Good. Former House Republican Policy Director: Good. Former businessman: Good. Humanitarian: Good. Actual conservative policies? GREAT!

Conservatives finally have a conscionable choice in this election, and that’s why I’m standing with Evan. (McMullin, that is. Not to be confused with Evan Schrage, one of our contributors.)

Is Evan McMullin perfect? No. Is he the Tea Party conservative that Ted Cruz was? No. But as a conservative in this election cycle, he’s about as close as we’re going to get.

Now, this isn’t to say that he’s moderate on everything. He’s actually fairly conservative. He’s pro-life, wants government brought away from Washington and focused closer to home, wants competition to replace Obamacare, and is very pro-Second Amendment.

On top of all of this, Evan McMullin has the experience he needs in order to lead our great nation. He has both served in our government and worked in the private sector, so he knows the average American life while also being familiar with governmental processes.

Evan McMullin’s campaign is also amazing to me on its own. As I write this piece, McMullin has only been on this journey for 21 days. And in just 21 days, he’s already on the ballots in Colorado, Iowa, Utah, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Arkansas. That’s thousands of supportive signatures, with his name and face only having been public since August 10th!

Here in my home state of Virginia, it appears as though Evan McMullin’s team may just have collected enough signatures to get him on the ballot. (Fingers crossed!) Since Virginia Green Party Co-Chairman Sydney Smith said that the McMullin campaign getting enough signatures in time was “inconceivable” and Virginia Libertarian Chairman Bo Brown said that it was “not possible, really,” I’m looking forward to saying that this campaign did the impossible.

This election season is certainly going to go down in history as unique. What’s the only thing that could make the story a bit more interesting? An independent candidate coming in a year late, causing a nationwide movement, and winning the presidency in November.

Now that’s a lesson I’d like to hear about in U.S. History.

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  • rowansaydlowski

    Yes! Well said, Rowan. It would make such a great story – the best kind of American story, if Evan can win through. Someone worthy of votes, at last.

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