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Let’s Get Something Straight: Unity Is A Means, Not An End
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Let’s Get Something Straight: Unity Is A Means, Not An End

At this point in the political process of election season, unity is the name of the game. The RNC is making it known how important it is that a strong party is unified in alliance in order to defeat Hillary Clinton. That a split party is dangerous and would mean Republicans would face yet another lost presidential election to at a minimum of four more years of liberal policies and agenda. To suggest you might vote for a third party ticket, or worse, not even vote, is nearly treason in the eyes of the party heads like Reince Priebus.

Several of those who ran against Donald Trump in the Republican Primaries, Bobbie Jindal for example, and others still suggest that unless you submit to the party line, regardless who is the nominee, you are by default helping elect Hillary Clinton, regardless if you are actually voting for her.

Ironically, similar language is coming out of the Democratic Party, suggesting that a Trump Presidency is the “end all, be all” should he win the presidency, and that you are effectively helping Trump win if you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in November.

For both sides, unity is what matters right now. Unity behind two people that may be the most disliked presidential candidates in decades. For them, Unification is the only thing that matters. Unify for strength, unify for party power, and unify to win. As happens with every general election, this is the ultimate end goal of the two parties. Unification is the only ‘end’ that matters at this time.

What a dangerous thought process that is.

Unification is absolutely key and necessary for victory, but it seems that America has forgotten that we are not unifying just to unify. It is merely a tool that is used to acquire the end result, not the end result itself. And because it seems that America cannot remember what the end goal is any more, we end up with the two worst candidates in decades.

Right now, in this stage of the presidential race, unity is worthless. Utterly, absolutely, and completely worthless. It is not enough to say that one is “not as bad” as the opponent.

I will be the first to admit how horrendous Hillary Clinton is and how I never want to see her in the White House. She is a blood thirsty war hawk that will open up the surveillance state to unprecedented levels and will involve the United States in countless more unnecessary and unconstitutional wars, much like her failed state project in Libya. Her economic policy is more of the past eight years, with increasing hostility toward the free markets, but without question giving her big business friends a helping hand as soon as they come asking for it.

The idea of a Hillary Clinton presidency is utterly frightening, but the purpose of voting for someone other than her is because that person is different. Because that person will open up the free markets and let true capitalism work its course. Because that person will reinforce and defend the constitution of the United States and the Bill of Rights. Weaken the power of the Executive branch and give power back to congress, the states, and the people. Essentially, everything Donald Trump isn’t.

The RNC has been using nothing but fear tactics to rally their base and get people to forget how horrible their nominee actually is. Each theme each night has focused their messaging on fearing terrorism/crime, fearing immigration taking American jobs, and fearing a less muscular foreign policy. Though some of these things can be problems, it is missing the one rather key factor that makes all the difference: freedom.

Of all the problems that Donald Trump talks about and that the RNC is highlighting at their convention this week, their solution almost without question involves more government in some form. When it comes to issues that matter, Donald shows little promise to be any different than Hillary. His protectionist economic and trade policies would hurt the very American worker he claims to be wanting to protect – much like the minimum wage. Every time he is actually asked about the constitution or the Bill of Rights he tends to lean heavily against them. In his first interview along with Mike Pence on 60 minutes before the RNC, Trump essentially promised to sacrifice the constitution is he needs to. Liberty is only a nice afterthought to him, but it is of no comparison to how important safety, jobs, and national pride are in his world. Time and time again Donald will proudly defend how important he thinks universal health care is for America, virtually the same stance as Hillary Clinton.

Even the “Supreme Court” argument doesn’t hold up very well. Assuming Donald Trump is going to pick a conservative justice is the first gamble, but its also a lot to assume that said “conservative” will do their job in upholding the constitution anymore than a leftist judge would. Let us never cease in forgetting that the one vote that actually saved Obamacare in the Supreme Court from being overturned was George W. Bush appointee John Roberts, a “solid conservative” many thought at the time.

With the options that we currently have for the highest office in the land, it is foolish to “unify” behind either one of them. Winning just for the sake of winning is hardly a victory if what you supposedly are fighting for dies in the process. Liberty is the only thing that truly matters when deciding to vote for a candidate, and if neither Republican nor Democrat possesses that quality, he or she doesn’t deserve Voting for the supposed “lesser evil” only perpetuates the system and ensures that evil will always win at the expense of liberty.

However, though I believe it is a lost cause in finding hope in a presidential candidate this election, that’s not to say you shouldn’t vote at all. The system the Founding Fathers set in motion is one that would ensure the survival of the republic, should choices like these arise for the presidency. The congress still matters, now more than it has in decades. That is where all efforts should be focused on, because regardless who wins in November, America is going to need a strong legislature that greedily guards their power from the executive to ensure stagnation, rather than a rubber stamp.

America’s brightest days are still ahead of her, but it will come in defiance of Clinton or Trump, not because of them.

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