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Who Are Sanders Supporters Really Going to Vote for in November?
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Who Are Sanders Supporters Really Going to Vote for in November?

Hillary Clinton has been fighting for the White House for over a decade in an effort to become the “First Woman President of the United States of America.”

Now that Hillary Clinton has pretty much grasped the Democratic nomination, the one issue that she is running into stems from her Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders. During his primary campaign, Sanders gathered an overwhelming amount of support from young voters. In fact, according to the West Virginia Exit Polls, 70% of voters ages 18 to 29 years-old voted for Bernie Sanders over Hillary Clinton. His message of “Free College and Free Healthcare” has caught the hearts of countless young people. And as he is about to be forced to step out of the race in July, his supporters are not doing what they are traditionally supposed to do.

Instead of supporting Hillary Clinton, polls are showing something drastically different…

[display_quote align=right]”44% of those surveyed said they would support Trump”[/display_quote] The West Virginia Exit Polls may give us a good indication of where Bernie’s supporters are going. This survey of Sanders supporters revealed, if Hillary Clinton becomes the Democratic nominee, nearly 44% of those surveyed said they would support Trump, while 23% said they will support Hillary, and 31% said they will not vote at all.

These results are a bit shocking as nearly half of Sanders voters claimed they will vote for Trump in the general election. So now the real question is, If Hillary is driving people from her own political party to vote on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, is she even generating excitement in her campaign at all? Does she have the ability to keep the Democratic party together?

While many Republican Party members are starting to line up behind their party’s nominee, it looks like the Democratic party is just starting to shatter.

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