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How Free College Already Exists
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How Free College Already Exists

“We live in a highly competitive global economy. If our economy is to be strong, we need the best-educated work force in the world. That will not happen if every year hundreds of thousands of bright young people cannot afford to go to college and if millions more leave school deeply in debt”

Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate, has made free college a fundamental tenet of his campaign.

It sounds great: if we just educate people our society will be better. If college is tuition free then the standard of living of all people will increase. This sounds like a fantastic proposal and for that reason, it resonates well with young college students who are not willing to look at the long-term ramifications of the proposals and the detrimental effect it would have on the quality of a college education.

The fact of the matter is, the soaring costs of higher education can be attributed to federal government involved, not market forces. 97% of student loans today are run by the federal government. The solution to a problem caused by big government, is not an even bigger government solution

Despite this sentiment for free higher education, people so often fail to acknowledge the options already available to students to attain a tuition-free college degree. Many of the advocates for free college and college students want society to pay for the cost of their degree, while all they would owe in return is their future and what they will contribute to society after school.

Free college is an option to these students who simply want other people to bear the costs associated with their degree. However, of course, they would not be willing to fulfill the costs associated with attaining this degree, enlistment in any branch of the United States Military.

“Free college is absolutely attainable for individuals willing to serve their nation and protect our freedom.”

Regardless of the branch, free college is available to individuals who fulfill this service requirement. Typically four years of active duty service, free college is absolutely attainable for individuals willing to serve their nation and protect our freedom.

Why is this constantly ignored? Nobody would argue that “free college” is actually free, the cost is obviously delegated to the entirety of society. One would think that this system would be embraced as the cost would be bared by the individual, in order to preserve the freedoms of the entirety of the nation. Selflessness rather than selfishness should be embraced, not frowned upon by those looking for help in order to achieve their goals.

To continuously ask for free college is absolutely ignorant and expresses extreme disrespect for those in uniform who willingly put their lives on the line in order to protect the freedoms which we are so fortunate to exercise as Americans. This whole debate is centered around a notion of which there are no options for individuals in our society who are willing to make a great sacrifice.

Bernie Sanders, please embrace, rather than ignore those who are willing to put their lives on the line for our freedom. And to all realistic politicians and Americans who may hold the nobel goal of making college more accessible, let’s make it easier for Americans to dedicate their lives to our nation in exchange for an education, as well as once again allow the market to be the main determinant in regards to higher education.

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