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The Creation of Donald Trump: An Outcome of Corrupt Politicians
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The Creation of Donald Trump: An Outcome of Corrupt Politicians

Donald Trump is one of the most intriguing figures in modern day American politics. Whether people like him or hate him, he captures attention. The moment Trump announced his campaign, he stole the spotlight from every candidate running for president. He has dominated the media, captured viewer attention, and has been a main talking point in a majority of political conversations. Politicians, Republicans and Democrats alike either despise or adore him.

Why is this? What is the deal with Trump?

Donald Trump makes Americans feel as if they have a voice again. Whether he actually believes in what he says or not, he voices the anger and frustrations of the American people, and the media eats it up. Americans eat it up. When it comes to capturing the spotlight, the guy is a genius. He knows how to get people talking about him. Trump knows what Americans want to hear. He speaks from his own instincts instead of from what the managing political hacks tell him to say. He has a bluntness to him that seems to attract frustrated Americans. His attitude on political correctness has seemed to hit home with voters. From day one, his rhetoric has been drawing the Republican vote in instead of driving the vote away.

Pew Research Center found that the first 12 primaries of 2016, combined Republican turnout has been 17.3% of eligible voters – the highest of any year since at least 1980. Democratic turnout so far is 11.7%

Throughout this whole election process, analysts would say that Trump will eventually fall in popularity as fast as he rose. Yet that doesn’t seem to line up with the mass numbers of people arriving at the voting booths for him. This is a record breaking amount of voters among Republicans. This is the highest turnout that the Republican party has had since Ronald Reagan ran for president. The leg that the Republicans seem to have over the Democrat voter turnout because of the influence that Donald Trump has had is absolutely mind boggling.

This alone shows how fed up Republicans are. They are done with the politicians who talk about repealing Obamacare and lowering taxes, but never accomplishing it. There are politicians, like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, who have followed through with what they promised voters they would accomplish. But this is only a small portion of the Republicans in office. The Republican Party has had control of both the Senate and the House of Representatives together since November of 2014. Yet, not once have they sought collectively as a group to repeal Obamacare, create a balanced budget, rebuild our military, or secure our borders. Not once have they as a group truly fought for the issues that voters had actually elected them for.

“The American people want officials in office who will fight for them.”

For the most part, Republican voters are feeling like they have been put on the back burner. They want people in office who will stand for limited government, the right to life, and the right to bear arms. The American people want officials in office who will fight for them. The way in which the American people are voicing their frustrations is by voting for Donald Trump. He has never held a political office before, and has not even agreed with the vast majority of Republican policies until the moment he decided to run for president.

Will he fight for limited government and the right to life? He has never done so in the past. So why is it that the people choose him? Americans truly are so frustrated at the lack of fight within the Republicans in office. It is as if voters are now supporting anybody who looks angry and claims that he or she is a Republican. People keep wondering why Donald Trump has gained so much support.

The reason is this: Voters see a man who looks passionate, angry, and seems like he will accomplish what he believes in. They see a man who has the drive and the guts to fight and tell people exactly what needs to be told. They see a man who will have America lead from the front and not from behind. That is the America that voters want. That is why they choose Donald Trump.

The issue with Trump is that he has become the megaphone for millions of frustrated Republicans, Independents, and yes, even some Democrats. Through Donald Trump, voters are sending a message to Washington.  This is what happens when elected officials don’t accomplish what they tell the voters they will accomplish. This is what happens when politicians choose power over principle. If our elected officials had stayed true to what they promised voters, Donald Trump would not have grasped the number of delegates that he currently has. America has had enough, and that message is very clear through the sheer fact that Donald Trump is now the Republican nominee.

Simply put, Donald Trump was created by the politicians who didn’t stay true to their word. 

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