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The French Quarter Is Spanish, and Donald Trump Is No Republican
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The French Quarter Is Spanish, and Donald Trump Is No Republican

As a double major in history and journalism at the University of Alabama, I’ve enjoyed taking history courses in which I learn about societies and facts that I had no knowledge of before.

This semester I am enrolled in a class titled “HY 111- Colonial Latin American History,” which deals heavily with events from the time of Christopher Columbus, to colonization and the inquisition, and even the ramifications of Latin America’s colonization.

During a recent class, we began to discuss New Orleans. Much of my life, I have pictured New Orleans as having being predominantly affected by the French. You can imagine my shock when my professor (whom I must confess is originally from Spain) said the French Quarter is actually Spanish.

french quarter carriage

Now, this has been argued for some time and has yet to be definitively concluded. Sally Reeves of wrote:

Foundations laid by the French and Spanish in the 18th century survived to shape the course of history in the city. The city plan, the central square overlooked by church and state, French arpents, city lots, faubourgs, heavy trusses, Creole cottages, the old Convent, and Charity Hospital came from the French side. But streetscapes full of repeating arches, Arabesque ironwork, covered passageways, and the still-alluring sense of guarded privacy came from His Catholic Majesty of Spain, not His Christian Majesty of France. If it all sounds confusing and unresolved, we invite your opinion. See you at the café?

As you can see, both the French and Spanish heavily influenced the Quarter. Unlike the arguments that attack or defend the French Quarter as either French or Spanish- which will likely continue on for some time due to sufficient evidence for both sides – recent (and previous) comments made by GOP front-runner Donald Trump once and for all finalize the argument that he is not a Republican, and should remove all doubt of this from the minds of voters.

The recent passage of the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act in North Carolina sent an already bizarre election cycle further down the rabbit hole. GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz came out in favor of the law, but Donald Trump sang a different tune. The billionaire came out in support of allowing transgender individuals to use whichever restroom coincides with their self-identified gender.Trump said:

Trump said:

There have been very few complaints the way it is. People go. They use the bathroom they feel is appropriate. There has been so little trouble.

He was later asked if he would allow Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner to use the bathroom of the gender he identifies as at Trump Tower. Trump responded, “That is correct.”

With his previous support of partial birth abortion, gun control, socialized medicine, and transgenders using their self-identified bathroom, Trump is obviously the most conservative Republican since Ronald Reagan, right?

As if his support of those liberal positions (and the fact that two of Trump’s own children could not vote for him in New York because they were still registered as Democrats) was not enough, The Donald also recently said he supports a tax increase on the wealthiest 1% in this country, another WIDELY held Republican belief.

This statement runs contradictory to Trump’s own campaign website, which brags about across the board tax cuts leading to “the lowest tax rate since before World War II.”

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.58.54 PM

Other notable candidates in the 2016 cycle who support a tax increase on the wealthiest 1% are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Would anyone care to explain their long history as members of the Republican party?

So what does the tax increase statement by Trump display? Hypocrisy? Contradiction? Foolishness? Or was it simply Trump once again showing that “everything is negotiable?”

Naturally, this article’s conclusion is not newly discovered. Members of the Republican Party have been saying for some time that Trump is not a Republican (or conservative) by any stretch of the imagination.

His recent comments supporting transgender individuals using the bathroom of their choice and support of a tax increase on the wealthiest 1% only codify this hypothesis. All that remains is a simple question to Trump supporters: why do you continue to support this fraud?

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