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The People Have Spoken for the Establishment to Stop Trump
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The People Have Spoken for the Establishment to Stop Trump

I am oftentimes a harsh critic of the actions taken by the Republican Party Establishment to try to stop Donald Trump from being their nominee to face Hillary Clinton in November. Although I am no fan of Trump, I do believe that the Party does need to listen to the will of the people.

Recently, the Establishment has come under fire after Curly Haugland, who is an unbound GOP delegate from North Dakota, said in an interview with CNBC,The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the conflict here.” Although this seems like a rather ridiculous assertion, it does hold to be somewhat true due to the fact that the whole idea of the nomination is for the majority of people to voice their opinion about who they would like to see on the top of the Republican ticket.

The fact of the matter is that there is a clear reason why the nomination is supposed to be given to whichever candidate receives a majority of delegates, at least 1237 of the 2,383. The idea of this majority is to say that if most people agree on a candidate then that candidate clearly reflects the will of the people. But, if no candidate is able to reach that coveted number, then the voters have ultimately rejected all of the options that have been presented to them.

At this point, the Party not only should, but is obligated to offer alternative options to the delegates to search for a candidate who is finally able to reach the majority and actually, once and for all, represent the Party.This past week, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker controversially stated

Last month, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker controversially stated his prediction that if in the case of an open convention, “it’s very likely [the nominee] would be someone who’s not currently running.” Once again, this statement may come as a shock to some conservatives, however upon further examination, it actually makes complete sense.

The possibility of this type of convention becoming a reality come July seems to be more and more likely. Ohio Governor John Kasich clearly understands this potential as he still would need to receive well over 100% of the remaining delegates in order to win the nomination. Yet, when applying the logic of the voters rejecting the field, it would be ridiculous to then anoint Governor Kasich as the candidate of choice. In doing this, the Party would most certainly ostracise the passionate supporters of Trump as well as potentially the supporters of Ted Cruz.

Who then would the Party select? Could they choose candidates who dropped out well before the first primaries and caucuses like Governors Rick Perry or Scott Walker? Could they go back to their 2012 ticket and try out Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan? Should this scenario occur, it will most certainly be interesting to see the route that the Party Insiders decide to take. With such a fractured Party, it will certainly be difficult to find a candidate who could for once unite the Party without alienating any large segments of the GOP voting population.

This may be a tall task but it is certainly possible. If Trump does receive a majority of delegates this all does go out the window, meaning by rule, the Republican Party certainly has an obligation to nominate him as he was victorious by their own rules.

But all Trump, Cruz, and Kasich supporters must understand, if no candidate reaches the golden number of 1,237, the nominee not only could but should be an individual from outside the current field.

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