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WATCH: Socialist Student Yells at, Curses Free Market Activists
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WATCH: Socialist Student Yells at, Curses Free Market Activists

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Two Turning Point USA student-activists had an unpleasant run-in with an intolerant and naughty-mouthed socialist student at Denison University. In between calling the students names and cursing them, she claimed their free market ideologies were “disrespectful” towards “people of color, women, gay people,” and “people with depression.”

Hypeline reports:

Recently, TPUSA field directors were tabling at Denison in the Slayter Student Union to promote capitalism and immediately encountered resistance. One women approached the table unprompted and immediately began insulting the TPUSA field directors and calling them profane names.


The female student featured in the video is Sarah O’Donnell, a senior studying creative writing and environmental studies. She is also a member of the Denison University Chapter of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority and is employed by the Denison University Library. The other two voices that you can hear in the video are those of Devin Bilski, an Ohio Field Director, and Thomas Hern, the Deputy National Field Director for Turning Point USA.

Watch the full video (Warning: NSFW language):

Isn’t she just the most tolerant, pleasant little peach you’ve ever seen?

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