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Words From Our Founding Fathers to Contemporary Americans
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Words From Our Founding Fathers to Contemporary Americans

Our Founding Fathers were men of honor—men of liberty and natural rights, who fought a war against a powerful crown to secure a better future for Colonial America. The Founding Fathers are the foundation upon which today’s constitutional government has been laid.

I often say there is no generation more brave and innovative than that of the Revolutionary Generation. With that being said, today’s politicians, college students, and electorate could use a word or two from some of the “brightest” men in U.S. history, men who were dutiful public servants and tyranny-crushers.

Free Speech

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” — George Washington

Recently, freedom of speech has remained a highly contested issue among conservatives and liberals alike, even more so among college-goers and the ever-entitled American youth. The problem: people don’t realize the innumerable dangers of not having freedom of speech adopted and fortified under government.

This question is posed to college students: can anyone tell me who also didn’t like free speech? The answer: Stalin–the leader of the communistic USSR, Hitler–the leader of fascist Nazi Germany, and Mussolini– the fascist Italian dictator. What a lovely bunch.

Freedom of Speech is the very safeguard that I have utilized to write this article. I also feel compelled to use Washington’s quote against Donald J. Trump, a man who has proposed strengthening libel laws so he can sue anyone and everyone who remains an impassable obstacle on the highway of Freedom. Even though he can’t unilaterally alter libel laws, he may use the bully pulpit to go after any and all media agencies who are simply trying to do their job (however biased they may be).

Speaking of Trump, a similar dangerous mindset can be found at Emory University, where students were horrified by chalk writings on some stairs that said, “Vote Trump 2016.” In response, Emory students protested Emory’s administration and asked that action be taken against the pro-Trump supporter.

It’s a sad day in America when college students are in a state of mental anguish over sidewalk chalk. Regardless of your thoughts on Donald Trump, it is completely reprehensible that such a strong reaction be elicited against someone simply exercising their right to free speech. Last time I checked, Emory students are under the same Constitution as the rest of the country. But unfortunately, as Thomas Paine said, “those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”


“Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” — Thomas Jefferson

Today’s politicians are pathological liars (see: Hillary Clinton). They lack transparency and the sanctified republican virtue–truth. Hillary Clinton is only one such example of a politician who will stop at nothing to climb the ladder of power and to obtain the highest office of these United States. Hillary lies; She lied over four coffins of U.S. servicemen about Benghazi, and she lied about her personal email server. She lies as much as the Underwoods in House of Cards. However, her lies are starting to catch up to her.

Multiple sources assert that the FBI is likely going to be moving forward with the indictment of Hillary Clinton. But Hillary aside, honesty is integrity and integrity is American. What are we without integrity? Un-American. It’s because of people like Hillary Rodham Clinton, that Jefferson’s Book of Wisdom has long since been forgotten and legislation has had to supplement good, honest politicians.

Fiscal Policy

“Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship.” — Benjamin Franklin

Well, I certainly wish I could induct these wise men into the current Cabinet. Fortunately, we in the United States don’t have little expenses, we have huge ones.

“We the Government” spend almost 4 trillion dollars annually in the United States on everything from Social Security to the military. However, there are some expenses that are causing our colossal, titanic-sized debt to accelerate faster into the iceberg.

We all know the Federal Government is no stranger to excessive spending or waste. From July 2013 to June 2014 4,000+ transactions were processed at casinos using the Department of Defense’s government travel cards, totaling just short of $1 million. According to the Heritage Foundation, Washington spends $25 billion annually maintaining unused or vacant federal properties. Moreover, the Heritage Foundation warns that “over half of all farm subsidies go to commercial farms, which report average household incomes of $200,000.”

Reportedly, the Federal Communications Commission spent $350,000 to sponsor NASCAR driver David Gilliland. Was this an attempt to appease “rednecks?” Who is authorizing the Federal Government to take hard-earned money and blow it off on egregious expenses? Our government is spending our money faster than a lotto-winner heading for bankruptcy. Benjamin Franklin’s words couldn’t prove more prophetic in the years following his death, at a time where our country that has gone from being on top, to in the hole. The “Titanic of Debt” is sinking, with thousands of small leaks and we’re going down with it.


“All men having power ought to be distrusted to a certain degree.” — James Madison

Naive—that’s what we, as Americans, have become. We mistakenly put our trust into those who are power-hungry, with an unfortunate outcome of disappointed results. We need to learn that government is not to be trusted—the people in it, its press releases, its minions, its agencies, and its departments.

Why should anyone trust a government that has proved itself hostile in the past? Jim Crow laws, Federal army response to protests (in the Fed’s defense, some were violent), Sedition Act (enacted twice), Japanese-citizen internment, etc. With that being said, why should anyone trust a government lacking in transparency, whose actions bring up more questions than answers, and whose policies are governed more by power than need?

Unfortunately, “We the People” have become gullible and compliant to the misconception that our government will do the right thing, and thus, we have ignored the warnings. Moreover, since we ought to distrust politicians to some degree, we must also distrust the agencies they occupy and the policies they prescribe. The IRS is an archetype of the malice of “We the Government,” an agency we “ought to [distrust].” Not only is it the agency that targeted conservative groups back in 2011 (while under the direction of Lois Lerner, or “Toby Miles” to be “politically correct”), it seized a number of small business owners’ bank accounts because the IRS claimed the owners were “structuring,” or making deposits just under 10,000 dollars to avoid government suspicion.

According to The Institute for Justice, the IRS seized over $240 million dollars in about 2,500 different cases that were considered “structuring” between 2005 and 2012. The IRS didn’t even need a history of criminal activity to seize these honest earnings and they stripped away American’s hard-earned money for no apparent reason, other than to make a power grab and unlawfully seize American’s bank accounts. All because the IRS simply had the “power” to do so. Jeffrey Hirsch, a small business owner and victim of the growing tyrant known as the IRS, had his business’s money (around a half million dollars), seized for almost two-and-a-half years without any charge, nearly driving his company into bankruptcy.

A second example is the EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, which made one of the most biggest errors any entity could make when they spilled 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater—heavy metals and toxins including arsenic, cadmium, and lead—into the Animas River last year. Now, do accidents happen? Yes. However, the EPA had information 2-3 months ahead of time that a potential “blowout” could occur if they attempted to work in the mine. A June 2014 work order read this, “Conditions may exist that could result in a blowout of the blockages and cause a release of large volumes of contaminated mine waters and sediment from inside the mine, which contains concentrated heavy metals.”

How can we trust a government who can’t read their native tongue? And of course, those of us who can read our native tongue will need to cough up between a few million and 27.7 billion dollars to foot the bill. It’s funny how the government is often typified as everyone’s mom and dad. Quite conversely, “We the People” have become the government’s parents, who have to consistently, without cessation, bail our ‘children’ out of big trouble and save them from their excessive spending habits.

Back to the EPA: This agency, which is too incompetent to read words in plain English from a straightforward work order, now regulates gullies and ditches on private property. The American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) exclaimed in testimony before the House of Representatives that the EPA’s new proposal categorized “navigable waters” under the Clean Water Act as “countless ephemeral drains, ditches” and other features across the countryside that are wet only when it rains and may be miles from the nearest truly “navigable” water sites. It would also regulate small, remote “wetlands” (which may be nothing more than low spots on a farm field), because those areas happen to be adjacent to a ditch or located in a floodplain. Maybe next time it drizzles on my property and a puddle forms, I’ll get out a sailboat and a life jacket. The EPA typifies self-interested, emotional environmentalists who don’t use science or reason, but rather impulse and tyranny, as a way to “help” our environment.

The Solution

But, “We have it in our power to begin the world over again.” — Thomas Paine

We the People, much like Thomas Paine stated, have an opportunity to start a new chapter in U.S. history—to do away with the past and secure a better future.

So the question is, will you help us move these United States forward or will you bury us deep in the quicksand of the past?

Become informed, reject the fascist and communistic movement to bar free speech, embrace liberty, remain skeptical (even of this article), and get out there and #SpeakOut.

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