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Rubio Fans: It’s Time to Take Our Medicine
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Rubio Fans: It’s Time to Take Our Medicine

Alright, folks.

We have had our period of mourning. We have had enough time to bandage our wounds and collect our thoughts. Our candidate is gone, and now we must politely eat our rather large slice of crow.

We supported Marco Rubio because he articulated a positive vision for our future. We supported him because he made us feel like this election would not be about anger or hate, but instead about ensuring that America continues to be the leader of the free world. Many of you gave far more time and treasure to the cause than I did, but we all voted for Senator Rubio because we bought into his vision and his plan for our country.

Many of us also bought into the #NeverTrump movement. We recognized the danger and the calamity that would befall our party and indeed our nation if Donald J. Clinton was to become our nominee – or worse, our president. For months, we have all urged Republican voters to choose someone, anyone other than Big Don.

And now, we must put our support where our rhetoric has been. We must support Senator Ted Cruz.

Now, I know many of you have been bellyaching about how awful you’ve been treated by many Ted Cruz supporters. Trust me, I get it. For years, Cruzites and Cruz himself have railed against, belittled, demonized, and attacked anyone who wasn’t one of them. The level of scorn and derision leveled at anyone who didn’t want to pointlessly fake-filibuster a bill that would never pass has been staggering. The irony that Ted Cruz and Associates have now turned pleading to the establishment to save them in their Alamo against Donald Trump is the sweetest kind of schadenfreude.

You may want to boycott Cruz, you may want to see him reap what he has sown. Heck, I do too. But to do that would be to become what we have fought against since 2010. We have always said that we were the “responsible wing” of the party – that we were the only ones advocating for a Republican Party that could actually govern. 

Well, it’s now time for us to make the adult decision and get behind the only candidate left who can actually prevent Trump from getting to 1,237 delegates. Despite how rude, how dishonest, or how dirty Team Cruz might have been to you, we all have to take our medicine now, because the party and the country are far more important than all of our collective wounded pride. Taking our toys and going home because the pretty girls didn’t ask us to the 6th-grade dance is not an option. (Full disclosure: in 6th grade, the pretty girls never asked me to the dances.)

No matter how you look at it, the only person that has a snowball’s chance in hell of stopping Donald Trump is Ted Cruz. Nominating anyone else at the convention is a pipe dream – and I know all about pipe dreams due to the fact that I was a Chris Christie supporter. If Trump is denied the 1,237 majority, our only hope is to nominate Ted Cruz. The party could skip over Donald Trump as being unacceptable to the majority of the party, but to skip over Ted Cruz and hand it to someone else would cause a revolt, and rightfully so.

Listen, Ted Cruz might lose the general election. But Donald Trump will most assuredly lose the general election.

Furthermore, I’d rather die on a hill with a candidate that actually stands for Republican principles instead of selling everything I’ve ever fought for in politics for a few pieces of silver. Politics ain’t beanbag. Presidential politics definitely ain’t beanbag. We fought for our candidate, we sacrificed for our candidate, and now we must unite behind the only Republican remaining that can beat Donald Trump. The blame is at our feet for not having a more mainstream conservative reach this point in the primary process, and we must now be the adults in the room.

Saddle up, suck it up, and put on a good face. The fact that Ted Cruz, warts and all, is the only guy left, scares the living daylights out of me. But, if a former Chris Christie supporter can say “Cruz Crew” so should the rest of you.


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  • codyhall

    Sorry – Fiorina, Bush, Kasich, Perry, Walker – even Santorum and Jindal – would have my vote in a heartbeat. Cruz is crap stain on the face of Conservatism. He will set back the GOP for decades.

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