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The 5 Thoughts Everyone Has at CPAC
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The 5 Thoughts Everyone Has at CPAC

For many Americans, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is their first exposure to politics and the conservative movement as a whole. There are people who arrive as card-carrying conservatives, others are looking to figure out just exactly what they believe. Still, at some point over the 3-day conference, everyone starts to feel a certain way and we thought we’d take some time to highlight those emotions.

1. What century is this?


While conservatism is often regarded as the philosophy of the founders, some people at CPAC really want to party like it’s 1789.

2. Am I loving America as hard as I can?


It’s no secret that Americans wear the American flag to cover almost any part of their body…but what about every part at the same time?

3. I don’t fit the stereotypical conservative mold, can I fit in here?


Yes! No matter the demographic differences, every group can be represented at CPAC. This year there were exhibits from the Log Cabin Republicans, Atheist Voter, and Future Female Leaders.

4. I support candidate X, I don’t know what to do if I see someone who supports Candidate Y.


Yes you do. As conservatives, we don’t rely on safe spaces to shield us from others that disagree with us. The great thing about CPAC is that it encourages debate, we can discuss our issues and walk away knowing that our commitment to limited government is what binds us together.

5. Conservatism is alive and well.


Whether or not you agree with every speaker and whether or not you agree with who won the straw poll, everyone leaves with the impression that the intellectual tradition of conservatism and the movement as a whole will be a major force in American Politics for years to come.

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