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An Open Letter to GOP Primary Voters
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An Open Letter to GOP Primary Voters

Dear GOP Primary Voters,

This is the first election in which I am voting. One year ago, I would have said this with a smile on my face because it meant I would voice my opinion in the primary but be okay with whoever the nominee was. However, that is not the case. This election cycle has made me sick at points because it has introduced a dangerous front runner who does not represent many of the Republican Party’s views – a front runner who is more divisive and cannot elaborate on his positions.

I am asking all of my Republican friends not to vote for Donald Trump tomorrow. Obviously, I have very little influence in anyone’s decisions, but I’m hoping at least one person will hear me out. Many will vote for him on the basis of him being “politically incorrect” or “a businessman,” but this does not mean he will be a good president. I understand that politicians have not been up to par in recent years, but this is due to gridlock and a lack of unity in Congress. We need a president who will work with Congress, not one who will divide. We need a president who will elaborate on his plans and not simply state that we are “going to keep Muslims out of our country” or “let’s build a wall.” How can you keep a religion out that is already peacefully practiced in our country? How can you fund the wall that you plan to build, and how will that still prevent illegal immigrants? There are too many unanswered questions with regards to his plans.

There are other candidates in the party, like Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Ted Cruz, and Ben Carson, who have laid out their plans and are serious on uniting both sides. It is important for a president to do this because both sides are looking to make America better and neither should feel alienated by a president. Yes, I would love for the conservative views to be represented, but we must also consider the other side to prevent gridlock. We have too many problems in our country, like the national debt and healthcare system, that need to be solved through unity and commitment, and we need a drawn out plan for each policy statement. We cannot be divided, and we cannot be vague.

Many people will probably be angry at me for this. That’s okay. I sincerely want what is best for our party and country as a whole. If that means voicing my opinion against someone I think will destroy the party and country from the inside, then I will do it. All I ask is that you do your research on all the candidates and do not have double standards for any; if one candidate made a mistake, it is likely that another candidate made a similar mistake. However, review voting and spending records. Review past statements. Review everything you possibly can about each candidate. Then ask yourself: Who is the best leader? Who has the best plans? Who will unite our country?

I have researched all the candidates’ records, views, and plans, and I am hoping everyone else will do the same.


A Concerned Citizen

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