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An Open Letter To Ted Cruz From An Evangelical Conservative
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An Open Letter To Ted Cruz From An Evangelical Conservative

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles?”

Matthew 7: 15-16 

Dear Ted,

I do not write this as a Christian who has it all together. In fact, I write this letter as a Christian who constantly finds himself in the process of “working out his salvation”, as the Apostle Paul puts it in his letter to the Philippians. I find myself in desperate need of Christ’s grace and forgiveness every waking hour of my life. Nevertheless, as a child of God, his word teaches me to rebuke my brother in Christ with gentleness when he persists in sin (Galatians 6:1). So here we go.

I used to have a lot of respect for you when I first heard about you. That was way back in 2013, when you promised to #MakeDCListen by standing up to the Senate Democrats and President Obama for shoving down their radical healthcare reforms down the American people’s throats. I respected you for standing up for your constituents’ beliefs. I respected you for your firm stances on protecting the vulnerable unborn and their right to life. I respected you when you spoke about protecting the U.S. Constitution with unparalleled passion and fervor. Then you announced your campaign for President. You promised to be an “outsider” who would reform Washington, D.C. with our Christian values. However, the more I observe your campaign, the more I find myself worrying that you might end up doing quite the opposite.

You see Senator, Jesus does care about our talk. But he also cares about how we walk the talk, especially when we claim to represent him. Similarly, he’s not just concerned about what you campaign for. He also cares about how you campaign for these things. He’s concerned about you when you let your campaign spread false rumors about other candidates dropping out, just to get a few more votes in an election. He’s concerned when you then refuse to take responsibility by genuinely reconciling with the candidate you hurt, when you issue a non-apology with the audacity to call your campaign’s despicable tactics “fair game”. He’s concerned about you when you divide the very constituents you seek to represent on urban-rural lines. He’s concerned about you when you repeatedly lie about your own record just as he’s concerned when you falsely slander that of your colleagues.

Jesus reminds us in the book of John that the world will know us “by our love for one another”. Simply put, your campaign can be found lacking in this love. Quite to the contrary, your campaign espouses the very qualities of Washington, D.C. you promised to fight against as the ‘principled conservative’. I understand that you have every right to run your campaign in whichever way you please. Still, if you’re going to talk about Christ so much on the campaign trail, please Senator, for the love of God, get your act together! I’m praying that you come back to Jesus and run your campaign in a “manner that is worthy of the calling you have received in Christ” (Ephesians 4:1).


A concerned evangelical conservative


  • joashthomas

    Joash, you should apologize for this inaccurate and irresponsible article

  • joashthomas

    Not to mention Cruz completely and intentionally disregarding the law of the land, the Constitution, Article II specifically. He is knowingly sidestepping our Presidential eligiblity requirements. I too used to be a fan of Cruz until he pulled that stunt; I do not trust him one iota anymore. He does not have good intentions with disregarding Article II.

    I’ve voted mainly GOP for over 2 decades(libertarian every now and then) but I will not vote for Cruz or Rubio. I have too much reverence for our Constitution.

  • joashthomas

    You will end up with Trump who loves Planned Parenthood, not a great position of one who would be in opposition to human trafficking. Carson was naive, and it was CNN reporting, that is blasting loudly in all airports and many reception rooms and waiting rooms. I saw it first from CNN!

  • joashthomas

    You’re obviously speaking in part about the Carson nonsense. Let’s be real (for someone bashing another about honesty, you’re not being very honest):

    1. Many campaigns used the CNN news to appeal to Carson’s voters.

    2. The news came directly from Carson’s inept staff. The bear the brunt of the responsibility.

    3. CNN went on and on on the air about Carson not going to NH or SC but rather going home to FL for R&R, which to anyone with half a brain makes exactly zero sense. That’s not how you campaign with 7 days til the NH primary – you don’t take 4-5 days out of NH, play in DC, NC and FL. Someone who does that is not campaigning seriously.

    4. Again, multiple campaigns used the CNN news. Ted was the ONLY one who apologized for his staff (it was his staff, not him, but he took the hit)

    5. Carson zeroed in on Cruz for 1 reason (even tho other campaigns also told their workers Carson was dropping – Cruz didn’t say he was dropping, just that he wasn’t going into NH and SC, as CNN reported due to Carson’s staff’s press release):

    He focused on Cruz because the Sunday before the IA Caucus, the people working the PAC that backed Carson defected to Cruz – precisely because Carson flits off to book signings and other nonsense rather than sticking to the campaign trail like a serious candidate.

    So if you are going to chastise about honesty, please do it honestly.

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