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You Can’t Be a Liberal and a Real Man at the Same Time
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You Can’t Be a Liberal and a Real Man at the Same Time

“Liberal men” of America, I understand that you may be irked by the title for a number of reasons.

You’re probably concerned that I’m purporting to know everything there is to know about being a gentleman. I don’t. I fail at it every single day. You may think that I’m attempting to assault your character. I’m not (unless your name is William Jefferson Clinton, in which case I most definitely am). You may assert that I am reinforcing traditional gender roles. That’s where you are absolutely correct, but understand that I care about the gender of the breadwinner in a family about as much as I care about Marco Rubio’s boots. And I care about Marco Rubio’s boots even less than The New York Times cares that Hillary is a felon. Which is to say: I don’t give a crap. The gender roles I seek to reinforce are subtler, less obvious traits. These traits, I fear, are not only becoming less common in the American man’s character, but also in his politics.

Men Don’t Steal

Real men earn their own way. They pull themselves up by the bootstraps and become the authors of their own destinies. Real men knowingly and frequently commit acts of kindness even if for no other reason than to make someone else’s day a little brighter or a little more comfortable.

Real men do not seek to use coercion to take what others have earned.

Far too many men of the liberal persuasion believe the very dangerous idea that elections or national opinions justify confiscating people’s hard-earned money. What gives government any more of a right to an individual’s income than a thief? Does a majority vote make thievery okay? Big government-worshiping liberal men obviously believe this, since both Democratic candidates remaining in the race support raising taxes, and liberal men across America are rejoicing because of it.

Real men recognize others’ rights, and defend them. The liberal men reading this are probably thinking of all the wonderful things government purports to do with all of its confiscated money. “But it feeds hungry children, and subsidizes families’ healthcare, and builds roads!” A man indeed realizes that there is a great need for compassion and generosity in this fallen world, but he does not seek to use the coercive powers of government to conscript his neighbors to be generous too.

Here’s Penn Jillette explaining this:

When you advocate for seemingly benevolent government programs, you’re not only stealing someone else’s money, you’re also claiming that you would have an unaccountable and often unhelpful government with enormous overhead costs be the agent of compassion in society instead of doing it yourself. Trust me, whether you’re liberal, conservative, or anything in between, you’re better at lifting people up and improving lives than government can ever be. Shirking your own responsibility to be charitable and stealing from someone else in the process is not something a man should ever do.

Men Respect Women

Amanda Collins was a student at the University of Nevada Reno. She had a defensive handgun license from the state of Nevada, but the liberal men who dominate the American post-secondary education system decided to ban guns on campus, as is the case on thousands of campuses across the country. Collins was in the parking garage of the campus police station when she was raped. This horrific event occurred just a few feet away from an emergency call box, a provision those same liberal men from before believe is “enough” to ensure that our campuses are safe from rape and other violent crime. Collins testified before the Colorado Senate, and a liberal man told her that if she had been carrying a gun, it was likely to be taken from her. Collins responded, saying that “had I been carrying concealed, he wouldn’t have known I had my weapon; and I was there. I know without a doubt in my mind at some point I would’ve been able to stop my attack by using my firearm” [emphasis added].

But she didn’t have her firearm. After her assailant raped her, he went on to rape two more. He killed one of them.

This issue is very simple: no man should ever tell a woman how she can and can’t defend herself. Real men would never dare do such a thing.

To the liberal man reading: you can sweet talk her all you want, buy her everything she desires, take her everywhere she dreams of, and make her laugh day-in and day-out, but if you don’t respect her right to defend herself (with a firearm if that’s what she’s comfortable with), you’d better reconsider.

After all, it’s what women (like Dana Loesch) want:

Additionally, real men protect women. Liberal men, on the other hand, are known for “boldly” standing up for their own twisted view of women’s rights by supporting the abortion industry. And yet, a majority of those who are denied their right to live by abortion worldwide are girls. New sex-notification technology is making it increasingly easier for parents to select the sex of their children, and abort whichever they don’t want. Sex-selection has already run its disgusting course in China and India.

Real men stand up for women regardless of their size or their ability to survive outside the womb. They don’t pretend that you’re only human if you’re wanted by your mother, pandering to the feminist crowd. Real men see the value in all life, and realize that God has a plan for each of us before we’re even conceived.

So to you, the liberal man, I think that you probably do indeed, deep down, respect others’ property rights. I think that you probably do really want women to be able to defend themselves how they see fit, not how politicians see fit. I suspect that you do value life. So therefore, I do not contend that you are somehow not a real man because you profess liberalism. No, not at all. Odds are, you’re a highly respectable man any woman would be lucky to have, and whom any man would be lucky to befriend. I believe, because you’re a real man, that you’re conservative. Even if you don’t know it yet.


  • evansteckler

    It takes quite a set to claim you are against socialism and pulling yourselves up by your bootstraps while enjoying the fruits of socialism .
    Roads, email, the internet, the national weather service, usps (which delivers pkgs for fed ex and dhl because its not profitable for them in rural areas)

    All those companies the rw believes built themselves depend on govt and subsidies
    Textiles, food, metals, medicine. medical research, libraries, police, firefighters, student loans , grants subsidies to universities that keep tuiton costs lower, center for disease control , restaurant inspection , etc

    So unless youre paying to pave your own streets and maintain them, catch all the criminals, dig out your own sewer system , inspect your own foods, etc at full individual cost youre only fooling yourself beliving youre pulling yourselves up by your own bootstraps
    Not to mention that the ppl who seem to want freebees ate the Red States that take more money through fed taxes than they put in and they are taking it from the Blue states .. Those Liberals are subdidizing right wing takers

  • evansteckler

    I’m a liberal who pays my own way and respects women. But the truth is that these issues go much deeper than you’re pretending. Part of paying your own way is not getting special tax breaks and government bailouts from conservative governments. And respecting women is a much more complex issue then whether you support concealed carry on school campuses or not. It also has a lot to do with if you support politicians who cut funding to women’s health care that saves women’s lives in far greater proportions to concealed carry rules on college campuses.

    You only provided highly partisan examples that barely scratched the surface of the issues you claim to stand for. That is a rather juvenile approach to politics. Give it a few years and maybe your understanding of the issues and they ways in which you choose to attempt to present them will become more mature. There’s more to being a man than being 18 or older.

  • evansteckler

    real men cannot be liberals. definitely true

  • evansteckler

    Sweet Jesus, I’ve never cringed so hard while reading an article.

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