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What You Should Take Away From Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan
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What You Should Take Away From Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan

Donald Trump may be a loose cannon, and I am by no means a Trump supporter, but he has struck a cord in the American people, especially on the issue of immigration. I will examine his immigration plan and tell you what I agree with and what I disagree with, and you can decide for yourself whether his plan will serve us well.

“A nation without borders is not a nation. There must be a wall across the southern border.”  

Whether or not you support amnesty or an open-border policy, a country must be able to control and regulate who is entering its’ borders. What better way to do this than to build a wall and close off possible points of entry to only secure checkpoints? While it may be expensive, securing our border is a number one priority in the wake of the Paris attacks. Terrorists can, and will, exploit any weak points we have. Since border security is national security, and since national security is the paramount function of the Federal Government, border security is paramount.

“A nation without laws is not a nation. Laws passed in accordance with our Constitutional system of government must be enforced.”

While this may be broad rhetoric, existing laws must be enforced regardless of what is deemed “morally accountable” and “morally acceptable” by liberals. A country has a supreme and constitutional duty to its sovereign people, especially to keep its promise to enforce laws on the books and to guard our national security. It does not have a constitutional duty to the people of Latin America, Mexico, or the Middle East. Not only that, but the cost of refugees is an unneeded taxpayer burden. Each Middle Eastern refugee costs taxpayers 64,370 dollars in the first five years alone. Moreover, illegal immigrants are tying up the United States court system. We have a staggering 463,000 immigration and terror cases pending, costing taxpayers an astounding and unnecessary sum of money. In addition, a 2014 study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform found that illegal immigrants, and their children, cost California taxpayers upwards of 25.3 billion dollars per year, while those same immigrants contribute a meager 3.5 billion dollar fraction towards that massive bill. This progressive redistribution of hard-earned taxpayer money must abate. Who authorized our money to be given to those who aren’t American citizens? These people wouldn’t even be getting billions of dollars out of our paychecks if the deportation procedure and enforcement of laws were as routine as a Southern Baptist church attendance.

“A nation that does not serve its own citizens is not a nation. Any immigration plan must improve jobs, wages and security for all Americans.”

We have had the worst economic recovery in the past 80 years, and it is simply unacceptable that while millions of hard-working Americans were losing their jobs, and consequently unable to support themselves and their families, one million jobs were gained by illegal and legal immigrants in the 2008 to 2010 time period. Was the policy that allowed them entry “[improving] jobs, wages, and security for all Americans?” In certain parts of Arizona today, warning signs exist that have been struck up by the Federal Government alerting citizens not to cross into certain wilderness areas that double as Mexican cartel routes. How ridiculous is it that American citizens don’t feel safe within their own borders, let alone on a hike through the woods? Moreover, is that hands-off curtailed approach promoting security for all Americans?

“Let’s make Mexico pay for the wall.”

Now this is ludicrous. This part of his plan is almost as good as his assertion that he “saw thousands of Muslims celebrating on 9/11” (paraphrased). Not only is there a lack of evidence to support that Mexico sends their “bad” people our way, it is not Mexico’s responsibility to sure-up our sovereign border. If we want to get it done, let’s do it ourselves. His plan is also logistically impossible, and it would strain American-Mexican relations.

“Let’s triple the number of ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] officers.”

Yes, yes, and yes. I am not one to increase government spending, however, the ICE needs to be able to deport illegal aliens in accordance with local efforts, state law and federal law. They have a mere 5,000 agents, per the President of the ICE Officers Council’s Congressional testimony, operating in deporting aliens in the fifty United States. To put that in perspective, the Chicago Police Department has a total of over 12,000 officers operating in 234 square miles, a .006 percent of the total area of the United States with over double the amount of agents and officers.

In case you’re wondering, I do not support Trump’s call to deport all aliens, as that is costly, nearly 100-200 billion dollars by estimate, and logistically insurmountable.

We should implement “e-verify.”  

Folks, if I have to provide my legitimate Social Security number or legitimate birth certificate to get a job, I sure as heck want these immigrants to be held to the same standards. Encouraging employers, which already number nearly 600 thousand, to use this will not only stop illegal immigrants from gaining jobs based on faulty paperwork and credentials, it may help alert the ICE to the locations of these immigrants and deport them as per existing laws.

We need to make it “mandatory” for the “return of all criminal aliens.”

Judicial Watch recently reported that a shocking amount of over 165,000 illegal criminal aliens have been released from prison. Oh good, they’ve been sent back to their home countries, right?  Wrong. These offenders—rapists, murderers, sexual assault perpetrators, and murder-convicts—have been released into our backyard.  I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t give me a great sense of security. These aliens need to be sent back to their country, period. There is no excuse for the Obama Administration and the Federal Government to put the citizens of the United States in danger because of their sheer incompetence and apathy towards the American people.

Not only that, but what a great disservice to our country this lax policy has been. These violent offenders, who perpetrate crimes against our own American citizens—mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, neighbors—shouldn’t have been here in the first place.

I would like to see the President go up to a rape victim of an illegal and say, “I’m sorry.” I would like to see the President go up to the wife and two children of a slaughtered husband, a victim of an illegal alien, and say, “I’m sorry.” Sorry won’t cut it, Mr. President. The negligence of this administration and the Federal Government is criminal. However, we still can make positive changes now, and that’s exactly what we’d be doing by sending these bottom-of-the-barrel immigrants right back over our southern border.

“Let’s have detention—not catch-and-release.”

Right again, Mr. Trump. When border-crossers, as I like to call them, are apprehended by Border Patrol, they need to be immediately detained until they can be sent back over the border. In 2013, ICE agents only attempted to deport about 1/4 of the cases they encountered. This is simply unacceptable. Of the 3/4 of illegal aliens the ICE encountered and did not attempt to deport, 68,000 had criminal convictions. Just imagine how much blood must be on the ICE’s hands. It seems like our government is a push-over—they tell 870,000 illegals to leave, the illegals say no, the government immediately gives up and says, “we tried.” Trying isn’t good enough when American lives are lost due to these aliens roaming our city streets. It also seems that despite the Mexican government reporting upwards of 28,000 deaths due to the cartels, a large percentage of which have occurred within earshot of the American border, the Federal Government still isn’t getting serious about a large-scale invasion of the United States by drug-trafficking.

Let’s “defund sanctuary cities.”

Absolutely, 100-percent, yes. Some cities have decided, either de facto or de jure, not to prosecute illegal aliens. These cities are in defiance of federal law. A city’s government cannot simply decide whether or not they want to allow police or other officials to inquire about an immigrant’s status. These immigrants, who join gangs, smuggle drugs and people over the border, and commit crimes against others life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, cannot be given shelter simply because a local government wishes to be an affirmative action refuge.

​Let’s implement “enhanced penalties for overstaying a visa.”

Uhh, I don’t think so, Mr. Trump. I for one don’t want our already clogged court system and overfilled criminal centers to be further stuffed with aliens. If we simply enforce current laws, “enhanced penalties” won’t be needed. This part of his plan smells to me like “big government getting bigger.”

Have the ICE “cooperate with local gang task forces.”

Most Americans, myself included, don’t understand the gravity of illegal immigrants and the gangs springing up in our cities—my hometown of San Antonio included. A United States Justice Department report released in 2009, estimates that the 18th Street gang has a membership of some 30,000 to 50,000 people with 80% of them being illegal aliens from Mexico and Central America. It also said that the Gang is active in 44 cities throughout some twenty states. The gangs main source of revenue is street-level sale and distribution of cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and methamphetamine. Gang members also commit assault, auto-theft, carjacking, drive-by shootings, extortion, homicide, identification fraud and robbery. What a lovely bunch. Our ineptitude at enforcing existing immigration laws have led to the rise of gangs that are growing at frightening rates, taking up territory of once peaceful city streets and staining the sidewalks with blood. The ICE should immediately ship out these “thugs” to their home countries, where those domestic governments can learn to reel from our years of dealing with their citizen-gangsters.

We need to “end birthright citizenship.”

No, no, and no. Mr. Trump seems to forget we have a little something called the 14th Amendment. This is a ridiculous assertion. I will not have a staple of Lincoln’s legacy destroyed because the state governments and Trump want to push “big government solutions to big government problems” (Thomas Conerty). I can just imagine the wide-reaching ramifications and precedents set by the government being able to look at parents and say, “sorry, your child isn’t a citizen.” If we simply use existing laws and resources, we can insure that these illegal immigrants don’t come over in the first place and subsequently, don’t have children, or “anchor-babies.” I cherish our Bill of Rights, and so should you.

I am not going to dive into Trump’s long-term solutions, as the majority of them I find a waste of taxpayer money and negligible towards the actual immigration problem at hand.

We as Americans, need to realize that when our countrymen aren’t slaughtered, when gangs of drug dealers don’t roam our city streets, when our border isn’t a gateway for Mexican-terrorists who kill men, women and children for drug money, and when our country’s agents and officers, who put their life on the line to go after these “thugs,” aren’t slain, that’s when we will finally say our government has worked “for the People.”

Donald Trump’s immigration plan is not perfect, nor do I agree with him on the majority of other issues, but his plan is certainly exalting “We the People.”

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